Tuesday, October 25, 2005

oh my God!

It's been quite some time since i updated my blog! It's a sign that i'm leading a mundane, quiet life! ahhhh... total nirvana.
A happy man is a man that do not have anything to complain.
Well, i think i need a new chair. The kind that's totally adjustable. I find that i slouch when resting my arms on the armrests. It is too low.
It is always like that. There are numerous things in life that is too low for me, and i ended up lowering myself to fit it.
Maybe that's why a lot of short people are aggressive and successful. They always try to stand taller, sit straighter to fit their small frame to the world. And in the end, the world have to slouch for them. Like napoleon for instance. He's a short man.
But then again. Maybe it's just coincidence. Or that phenomenon that i can't recall the name. That thing when you tend to see patterns when the fact is that there is no pattern, just that you see what you wanted to see.
Did you know that the indians (red indians) could not see columbus's ships when it first reach america? I don't mean that the ship is hidden or anything. Rather, it is said that the indians, having never seen a sea vessel before, could not comprehend the ships and thus their brain kinda dismiss it. Until after this one medicine dude, relizes that something is amiss when he saw the waves are different, like something is messing with it. So he gazed, gazed and gazed towards the sea, untill he finally managed to see the ships. Amazing isn't it. If that is true, think about all the stuff that we unconciosly dismiss. There might be something standing right next to you now, but he is so incomprehensible, that you dismiss his presence. Your own invisible buddy.
Oh and then the medicine dude told his tribe about the ships, and everybody came to gape. Then columbus's men landed to the new world. Bringing horses with them. The red indians call horses 'big dogs' because there's no horse on the american continent and thus they don't have a word to describe it. Fast forward about four hundred years later, we have cowboys and marlboro advertistments, with horses in it, peddling cigaretts 'the american way'. I really thought that horses are indegineous to america. alien nation indeed. Everything in america are imported. The people, the culture, the statue of liberty.


Dils said...

Well then Sonny M might just have a solution for you =p~

Horses are imported to America? Herm.. I always associated wild horses with America Native Indians..

Maybe actually wolves..

Taqiyuddin said...

ahh... nice people aren't they.. so concerned. I bet they are short. No taller than my ribs.

Anyway, you dunno that all the horses in america came from europe? ahh.. the fallacy of uninformed minds. Yes, horses in america came from europe. Even the wild ones. Those mustangs that those amerikans so proud of, they're europeans. And i bet they speak french horse language. Or maybe Queen's english. Cockney even!

But of course, any american could argue that mustangs are the epitome of american freedom. You know? Coming from the dreadfull rain drenched europe, to run free in the wild american grasslands. With winds blowing through horse hair/mane. Sporting a Mohawk. Did you realize that all horses sport mohawks? Rebels they are. Or is it the indians that copied horse hairdo and call it mohawk. Or maybe it was the punks in england that called it mohawk.

Say.. thats quite a koinkidink. Horses came to america, inspire red indians to sport mohawks, and later inspire Queen's punk to wear it as a sign of anarchy. Kinda like a perfect circle.

Anonymous said...

I hate Americans, but i thankful them for their porn industry, otherwise it must be a bored world we have to face today.

Taqiyuddin said...

but if not for the americans, the japanese wouldn't have lost the war. Malaysia might still be under the rule of Japan. We'd be living in the country that produces hentai, and school-girl sailor suits.

Dils said...

Imagine that.. all girls wearing mini skirt to school..

We speak 'gomen ne' at almost every hour ..

The ides is not that appealing to me . Japanese culture in Malaya. I guess with the lack of guys looking like Jun, Monobu, Naohito.. Japan seems bland to me.

Maybe .. maybe if we were ruled by Japan I would opt to be a geisha!