Thursday, October 27, 2005


while i was blissfully doing my job. My windows XP froze. It was a first time. It was unthinkable. A strudy system like windows XP could belly up and freeze. What went wrong? I wonder. My wonderment cease when I recall something i quote a couple while back. Indifference to errors. Yes. In light of my recent textual exclaimation, i beg to differ. It wasn't the kind of act to preceive the masculinity of the insipid neanderthals. We strife for our own peace of mind but we forget that what the mind thinks is not really the reality. It is only the by product of chemical imbalance, tring to reach equilibrim in biological sense. We see not what is real. We see only what our body wants us to see. Wait, i've said that a couple of while back. Or did i? maybe i was not. Maybe it was a dream. Was it? Or maybe dream is real and life is the dream of dreams. Where will nightmare fit in then? But of course a nightmare is a bad dream. It is one and the same. But if it so, then why the different names? It suggest a seperate and distinct entity. It is a spatial inconsistency of the neuron cells. The. In conclusion, the questioning phrases suggest an undefined persona of the soliloquist. Undefined or missunderstood of ephemeral in behavioral sense. Contra retrospectly, the dictating dictatee will henceforth mentally oratorate private reckonings in sans quaesitum. Ergo.

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