Saturday, November 12, 2011

Remember, remember, 11th November

Someone somewhere, I forgot who, said '11/11/2011 should be filled with something great! something that should be remembered for the rest of my life'. I however, felt that the day is as any other day. A day without any need to be acknowledged with any special occasion.

But yesterday, a friend died. A friend i knew from my old workplace.

She was a mother of two boys. No, she was a mother of two boys and a baby girl. She died in labour for the baby girl which was excitedly anticipated by herself and the whole family.

Both mother and daughter was buried in the same grave. My first thought when I saw the daughter being snuggled at her mother's side was 'That's cute'. Of course I reprimand myself for thinking that. But after awhile, I realized that, the mother died of labour, a martyr's death, shahid. And she is buried with her daugther. And the daughter is buried with her mother. They keep each other company. There should be nothing sad about that.

The ones who are sad are the ones that were left behind. Us, with our uncertain future and fate. They've already gone. Died in honor and glory of shahid.

Thursday, November 03, 2011


this is the rod of asclepius
this however, it the caduceus

In modern times caduceus is mistakenly associated with medicine when it's supposed to be the asclepius.