Saturday, November 01, 2008

Jadd Husain, a year and a month

This is Jadd, He's looking at you since he's curios. He's curious about everthing. He used to put everything into his mouth out of curiosity, not anymore. He can walk now. Thus he's got more avenues to explore with his newfound capability. New found? well maybe not as new, he started walking almost a month ago, maybe a little bit earlier. Now, he likes to take walks in the park. And he likes looking at people. If he could speak now, he'd say hi to everybody that walked pass him in the park. Since he can't, he resorts to his toddler languages. But i'm sure people know he's saying 'Hi! How are you?' or maybe 'Hey fella! Whatcha doin up there in that weird looking tube thinggy in primary colors?' Yeah, i took him to the park the other day and he met with a couple of kids from the housing. About his age, maybe a year or two older. So he barked some questions to them when they're up in the tubes slides. So i'm guessing that's what he's trying to ask.
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