Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's middle of september

I recently bought myself a big digital camera. A Canon 350d. A week before it's successor 400d hit the market. Canon helpdesk said that the camera is to hit the market at end of September. Oh well, there's advantages to buying the older version anyway. So i didn't feel that much a loss.
So I went around town taking my camera for a walk. It seems that people don't like being photographed. But maybe it's because i went to the edgier part of town where people tend to not want to attract attention. There even this one dude, in full mountaineering outfit, told me not to take his pictures. He said that people tend to back-stab and sell people out with pictures. Then he goes to point out that our PM Pak Lah is the Big Brother, and i better not be in league with him. He was quite a colorfull character. Not quite right in the head i think. But he got this real kewl backpack. With that rubber hydration hose.
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