Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Tanggal 57, bulan 8, 31

Merdeka! merdeka! hari yang mulia.

Cukup kerap kita dengar ahli-ahli politik dan pihak-pihak yang tertentu mengatakan bahawa anak-anak muda zaman sekarang sudah tidak mempunyai semangat kemerdekaan. Mereka kata bahawa anak muda sekarang sudah lupa akan pahit getir dan keperitan yang dialami oleh mereka yang memperjuangkan kemerdekaan.

Setiap kali saya dengar keluhan tersebut, saya terfikir "Apa yang dimaksudkan oleh mereka, tentang anak muda yang telah lupa erti kemerdekaan?" Apakah caranya untuk membuktikan semangat kemerdekaan? Adakah semanagat kemerdekaan dapat ditunjuk dengan mengibarkan jalur gemilang? Adakah semangat kemerdekaan itu lahir dengan menyanyikan lagu Negaraku dengan keadaan berdiri? Adakah semangat kemerdekaan itu dilambangkan dengan mengikuti kawad hari merdeka? Sampai sekarang saya masih tidak pasti dengan apa yang mereka maksudkan dengan semanagat kemerdekaan.

Bagi saya, pihak pihak yang mengeluh inilah yang telah lupa tentang semangat kemerdekaan. Mereka inilah yang tidak dapat lihat semanagat kemerdekaan yang sedia ada di dalam hati dan sanubari anak-anak muda kita.

Semangat ini dapat dilihat pabila anak-anak muda berdiri tegak mempertahankan cara hidup mereka. Semangat kemerdekaan dapat dilihat apabila mereka menentang apa yang mereka rasa tidak betul. Semangat ini ada dimana-mana sahaja kita lihat.

Dan, semangat kemerdekaan ini tidak akan luput dari jiwa kita. Ianya sebati dalam darah daging kita, bagaikan garam di lautan.

Laut akan tetap masin selagi ombak memukul pantai.

Monday, August 29, 2005

you know what?

Today was a chapter in the 'be carefull of what you wish for' book.

This morning, I was lamenting about how it is monday and about how i was feeling depressed. So when I was on the way to work, my car's engine temperature hit maximum and i can't go to work. Which was both a blessing and an un-blessing. But i think i prefer to see it as a blessing. Maybe it's my optimistic self is doing the typing now.

So my car hit maximum temperature, and I can't risk to get to work with my car in that condition. The scenario gets worse since there was a traffic jam on the way to work. My morning commute rarely jams, but when it does, the traffic backlog could strech for miles. If not for the jam, I think i could reach my office before the car hits maximum.

Taking precautions againts further damage to the engine, I decided to stop and wait it out. That's when i discoved that the radiator is totally empty. So I filled some more water in it, and as soon as the water hits the radiator, It boils.

After some time, I managed to fill the radiator and discovered that there's some coolant leakage. I think some parts of the cooling contraption thinggy ruptured when the temperature reach maximum.

So I phoned my boss and told him that I can't make it to work. Yippie.

Then I send my car to the family mechanic in kampung baru. And, since i am in the middle of KL on a week day, I took this rare oppurtunity to get my MyKad. Hopefully, I'll get the MyVi for the MyKad lucky draw. Then I won't have to worry about my car's radiator fan not functioning.

Oh, and i went to Low Yat to fetch my new hardisk. Now its, giving me more problems. Seems that it can't connect properly to my pc. Sucks.

And also, I took a ride on the monorail. My first time. It was thought provoking.
its monday, and i'm feeling depressed.
i need a goal.
for years before, i have something to work for, something that is real and certain. Those are the big exams such as SPM, PMR and university graduation. Now, there is none. I should be thankfull for that. But, without those, I felt like I am going through life aimlessly.

help me. please.

'and then, at this moment, a much more optimistic taqi came along and offered his hand and says "go and take a bath, I'll have none of this despair and self pity". So he got up, strip naked and notice his pot belly through the vanity mirror. Then he gave his reflection a sneer, which was diligently replied'

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the begining, the end, the aftermath, the headache

We went to tronoh last weekend, to join in with our university's convocation celebration. We are tamin, asrol, myself and heron. Heron decided to come along at asrol's coercion (coaxation, to be more accurate). Furthermore, heron wanted to experience UTP culture.

We started the trip to Tronoh from KLCC at around 10 pm. I decided to meetup with the others at KLCC so that we could all meet peed whom was staying around that area to attend a job training course. The original plan was for us to meet at around 7ish before going to tronoh, but through my own sloppyness and lack of foresight, I managed to drag the meeting time to around 8ish. You see, that morning, I forgot that I wont have time to go back home from work before going for the randezvous. So, I didn't pack for the trip before going off to work. Hence, I had to go back home for my clothes before going to KLCC. Sloppy.

Anyway, in KLCC, I parked my car inside klcc's basement parking lot. Normally, I'd ditch my car at the 3 ringgit parking lot beside the KLCC mosque. Not today, since I was in a hurry. But, It seems that parking at the basement do not guarantee speedy arrival to your destination, In fact, it could be more time consuming to hunt for car lots compared to walking the distance from the mosque car park to KLCC.

walked to picnic
met with ming wen
she's talkative
we eat kentucky
tamin asked her if she'd prefer to ride with the smoking or the non-smoking car, with tamin's being the smoking car.
she says that she prefers non-smoking car, but tamin is fun.
i laughed, but i know that its true. so is everybody else
at end of dinner, i pushed ming wen to ride with tamin, taking asrol along with me
the reason being that , i figured ming wen would be more comfortable with heron and tamin
and i am more comfortable with asrol
so after making the arrangements, we went our separate ways to get to the car and randezvous at jalan ampang.
while getting to our car, i managed to lose the car. i pushed the car alarm button and hears the alarm blaring, but i can't seem to find the car. The sound was playing tricks on us. When we walked towards the sound, it diminished, when we turned a corner, we see no car. After quite sometime spent search for the invisible car, i realized that the sound came from the car park's air well. We were on the wrong floor.
after that car park bungle, we managed to get lost in kl's roadways before arriving at the highway entrance. travelling on highway was uneventfull and we managed to arrive to tronoh at around 1 am.
me and asrol went to macai's motel to check in and then we proceeded to mamak for some night cap.
there, we are met with old friends. Aswad turned up out of nowhere, like a ghost from the past. He is one of those fellas that are not really into studying but managed to get by with his life just fine. miraculously.
after the supper, we head back to our motel to end the night.

Next morning, we woke up at 10am. just like how we used to when we were in UTP. we proceeded to the convo fair site, and had AMW burgers for brunch. then we hanged out in the convo fair site till midday. Then everybody went their seperate ways, tamin went to meet up with his hackerish buddies, asrol went off for a some lovey dovey moments with un, i went back to the motel for some rest, tugging heron along. poor heron, stuck with with mr no-fun.

later that day, at around 4 pm, i took heron back to utp for some sight seeing. Of course, i dunno what to see, cept the library, chancellor's hall, the academic complex and chicks. Sadly, the library was closed, the hall was out of bounds, the complex was empty and there were no chicks around. So we went back to the convo fair grounds where the activity is.

Upon arriving there, we met up with macai, arip, mapir and black. We joined them and whiled away our time there.

then i woke up and discovered that i was dreaming. well, no. There's more to tell, but i'm feeling like playing some games now.

stay tuned. in the next entry, there'll be that part where i lost my handphone, go to parit in hopes to recover it, before finally accepted the fact that recovering the phone was wishfull thinking.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


A few weeks back, I lost my hard drive, the data inside it and got the news that I failed to get the job I'm applying.

A few days after those thing happened, I managed to recover my lost data, I bought a new hard drive casing, and the company that rejected me called back and offered a 2nd interview.

Now, it seemed to me that I didn't lose anything much since that fatefull day.

I think I am quite religious. Or maybe supersticious. But I prefer the word religious better. Since supersticious seems a bit too un-godly. Why am I am religious? because I believe that the world, our lives, and everything in it, is very much predefined.

Take life on earth for example. There are scientists that says, life on earth begins through some random events, that triggeres organic reaction in earth's primordial soup thinggamajic. That, intelligent beings sprang forth from this simple elemets through some accidental lightning strikes or whatever naturally occuring forces. So by right, if that theory holds true, there should be more planets out there with intelligent life whereby the life was triggered by a random organic reaction in its planet's primordial soup thinggamabob. The logic is that, by sheer force of probability, if say a planet manage to churn out intelligent life at random. Then the probability for another planet to churn life should quite similar with earth's probabilty. Now, multiply that probabily with the infiniteness of the universe, we should have a certainty that the will be other intelligent life in some other planets. The only reason why there will be no other planet like earth in the infinite expanse of our universe, is that earth is crafted. created, with full intention, as a vessel to hold life. life that sprang from water. that which an element our planet earth, have in abundance.

So it was predetermined since the creation of time, space, life, death, black, white, rays of lights and everything it shines upon, that, you my reader, will read my blog, at this exact moment, at this exact place, taking that exact breath, having those specific neurons firing, and such and such. And with it, triggers a chain of events, that may seemed quite insignificant and unconnected, but in reality, it is the thread that weaves the patterns of time, space, life, death, black, white, rays of lights and everything it shines upon.

It is seemed dreadfull to know that everything is predetermined, that every actions we do are enevitable. But It is beautifull and reassuring to know that, everything is laid out as planned. That no matter what happens, the end will come, and everything will turn out as it is supposed to.

p/s: I think i misspelt supersticious. did i? no worries, it's predetermined.

Monday, August 01, 2005

new old stuff

I got a new interest! Firefly!

no, not the those twinkly ass bugs.
Its a tv series from the creator of buffy the vampire slayer and angel.
too bad its kinda short-lived.

but not to worry. The series has already been made into a movie called Serenity.
Will be released come fall.

Anyways, i''ve finally managed to get my gateway up after weeks of pondering about it.