Tuesday, August 16, 2005


A few weeks back, I lost my hard drive, the data inside it and got the news that I failed to get the job I'm applying.

A few days after those thing happened, I managed to recover my lost data, I bought a new hard drive casing, and the company that rejected me called back and offered a 2nd interview.

Now, it seemed to me that I didn't lose anything much since that fatefull day.

I think I am quite religious. Or maybe supersticious. But I prefer the word religious better. Since supersticious seems a bit too un-godly. Why am I am religious? because I believe that the world, our lives, and everything in it, is very much predefined.

Take life on earth for example. There are scientists that says, life on earth begins through some random events, that triggeres organic reaction in earth's primordial soup thinggamajic. That, intelligent beings sprang forth from this simple elemets through some accidental lightning strikes or whatever naturally occuring forces. So by right, if that theory holds true, there should be more planets out there with intelligent life whereby the life was triggered by a random organic reaction in its planet's primordial soup thinggamabob. The logic is that, by sheer force of probability, if say a planet manage to churn out intelligent life at random. Then the probability for another planet to churn life should quite similar with earth's probabilty. Now, multiply that probabily with the infiniteness of the universe, we should have a certainty that the will be other intelligent life in some other planets. The only reason why there will be no other planet like earth in the infinite expanse of our universe, is that earth is crafted. created, with full intention, as a vessel to hold life. life that sprang from water. that which an element our planet earth, have in abundance.

So it was predetermined since the creation of time, space, life, death, black, white, rays of lights and everything it shines upon, that, you my reader, will read my blog, at this exact moment, at this exact place, taking that exact breath, having those specific neurons firing, and such and such. And with it, triggers a chain of events, that may seemed quite insignificant and unconnected, but in reality, it is the thread that weaves the patterns of time, space, life, death, black, white, rays of lights and everything it shines upon.

It is seemed dreadfull to know that everything is predetermined, that every actions we do are enevitable. But It is beautifull and reassuring to know that, everything is laid out as planned. That no matter what happens, the end will come, and everything will turn out as it is supposed to.

p/s: I think i misspelt supersticious. did i? no worries, it's predetermined.

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Yours Truly said...

it's like in charlie n chocolate factory movie la..mcm one of the granny said..things are gonna be fine.. =P