Monday, August 29, 2005

its monday, and i'm feeling depressed.
i need a goal.
for years before, i have something to work for, something that is real and certain. Those are the big exams such as SPM, PMR and university graduation. Now, there is none. I should be thankfull for that. But, without those, I felt like I am going through life aimlessly.

help me. please.

'and then, at this moment, a much more optimistic taqi came along and offered his hand and says "go and take a bath, I'll have none of this despair and self pity". So he got up, strip naked and notice his pot belly through the vanity mirror. Then he gave his reflection a sneer, which was diligently replied'

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Dils said...

A somewhat quote from Bridge Jones Diary:

" ... some say true happiness comes from unattainable goal.. and what is unattainable goal but losing weight!.."