Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No More UTPians

My Boss asked me to recommend some of my friends to fill up my spot. So naturally, wanting to reduce the guilt of quitting the company, i gathered a few of my friends' resumes. Most of them are between jobs, so not only do i get to fulfill my selfish need to feel good, i could help them get a job.
This morning, my boss came to work and held a meeting with the team leads. In the meeting he told them about how he had a very bad Monday. Apparently, my guys, came to the interview late and are a bit sloppy at it (Later today, i found out that they've already secured better offers elsewhere, hence the half-hearted effort). So my boss said to the team leads that he'll never never ever going to hire a UTPian. Ever.
It saddens me. Really.
Can you imagine that? It's true that i am only here for a couple more days, but knowing that i am responsible for tarnishing UTP's good name is really the cherry on the guilt cake.
Plus, the boss is sure to pile more blame on me. So guys, please please please please be more prudent when people put their reputation on the line.

Monday, March 13, 2006

It's here again!

It's the school holidays! Yeay! Why are we happy? We're happy because at
this time of year, the traffic is always smooth flowing. Yes. It was the
parents sending children to school that congest the road.
Maybe the government should subsidize school transport. Make it
compulsory for every parents to utilize the facility. That'll probably
knock off a substantial amount of Malaysian fuel usage. It might also
free up the roads.
Anyhoo.. getting to work today was bliss.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

it's been almost 3 months

It's been almost 3 months since i joined my current company. Come april, i'll be in another company. Yes folks, i'm a professional job hopper.
The news papers printed a story a few days back about job hoppers. I think the timbalan menteri cautioned workers to not leave their companies after given training. That story came out right after i went to the job interview. Or was it before. No matter.
During my second interview, the HR did say that she felt a bit worried to take me onboard because i job hop quite a bit. I didn't have any response to that remark. But i think i've made my intention clear that i'm going to the company because of the job scope.
This time, i promise it'll be a very long time before i even consider getting a new job.