Friday, December 22, 2006

Before Akad Nikah

I'm getting married today. It's 8:23 am now, and the ceremony is supposed to start later at around 10:30 am. As some of you might have known, I am rather inept at handling social interaction and with that would almost always get stage frights when put in the spotlights. But now, 2 hours before being put on center stage, i felt nothing. Well, maybe some butterflies in my tummy, but this is not as extreme as when I was preparing for my FYP presentation. Maybe I am already in the eye of the storm. Experiencing calm after a some initial quesyness and before the chaos and anarchy that will ensue. Maybe. But I sure hope that this calm will last until 25th December! Hah! Dream On?

Anyways, I think i better go and iron my clothes now.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Talented Mr Fadhil, only less morbid

Twas a fine Saturday evening. I was strolling around Merdeka Stadium looking for interesting people to photograph. Lo and behold, i found tamin. He was MCing for the discovery stage during the 7th Rock the World. So here's him introducing the next band. Posted by Picasa

They don't make punks like they used to...

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

took a walk

how much time it takes to walk from subang jaya to bkt jelutong?
3 hours, one 100 plus, 2 hot dogs and one chocolate milk.

how does it feel?
exhausting, feels like merentas desa back in secondary school.

why did i do it?
because i suddenly felt that 25 bucks is way too expensive for a cab fare.

how bout now? after the 3 hours of walking, one 100 plus, 2 hot dogs and one chocolate milk...
25 bucks seems rather fair.... dang....

Monday, December 11, 2006


The beast called photoshop
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

in case broken links

halamak aku tak antar kad kawin lagik nie!

panic panic panic... sempat kot eh.

anyhoo, i was delaying it so that i could finish off doing a little project. if you notice, there's that banner bar at the sides. yup, the marriage aggrandizing i was talking about. click on it to see more.

lepas dah tengok tu. jemput la kerumah 24th Dec nanti. Ye, awak le.

kalau takut sesat kat bkt jelutong, gimme your house address, i'll send you the card complete with maps and all.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

google adSense

If you guys would have noticed, i've put up Google adSense on my blog.
I'm going to be rich now. BwahahaHAhahaha. Well not really, there's
hardly any traffic here, and most people here aren't interested in
buying stuff off the net.

Well anyway, it's a kind of an experiment there. I'll just have to learn
more about it.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

sang saka drummer

the illuminated drummer, the golden boy and the burnout
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what would che do?

the retarded thing about fan organized gig is that the organizers wants to share the band's fame and glam. Posted by Picasa

right after the gig

all orange Posted by Picasa

not another profound deep theological thoughts!

my browser acts up and this original post was lost. that really sucks. you pour your heart out onto something, then it was gone.

but! i will remember you! you were there, i was there writing you. and i think you're magnificent! you were my best post ever! you will be remembered.

Monday, November 20, 2006

in darkness

i was downstairs just now. standing in the darkness by myself, thinking about stuff. then suddenly a thought came to me; "if ever anyone saw me here right now, they'd think i'm psychotic.". having thought that, i snickered to myself. Then, snickered again since the last snicker would really make me look like a psycho.
a nice quote i found:
"nothing is more difficult, and therefore more precious, than to be able to decide" - napoleon bonaparte

Thursday, November 16, 2006

a monkey, the sea and the golden hour

took this at morib Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the long awaited update

entah sapa tah await nyer.


i was thinking to myself the other day. about divinity and traffic jams. and also about this one atheist trainer dude.

the thought goes like this. traffic jams have memories, they really do. this is something i learned while watching mission impossible 3. i observed this phenomenon too. and i am sure you all could have experienced this before. this traffic memory thinggy usually happens during rush hours, and when there was an accident in a congested part of the road. when people are clearing up an accident, commuters tend to gawk and drive by slowly to maybe get a glimpse of dead bodies. but when the accident area is cleared, the traffic in that area will continue to crawl even when there is nothing to see anymore. this is what i call traffic memory. cars have to slow down because the car in front of them slows down. this is because a few hours earlier, cars slow down to look at the wreckage. it's a chain reaction kind of thing. in the end, the whole traffic have to slow down until the rush hour ends.

it's kinda like our culture. we do things, then our children do the same thing and then their children mimics them. it'll never end, until of course, it gets out of style. but some things don't. like kad kawin for instance. in this day and age, invitations could be sent via sms, phone calls, emails and bulletin board invites. but nope, it's our culture to send kad kawin. why? because the culture dictates that it's not proper to send e-invites. looks too cheap. too half-hearted. but that's my culturally sensitive brains speaking. logically, invitation in any kind of medium is acceptable. since the whole point is to spread the news of marriage. but i guess we have to take into account the emotional side of it too. maybe if we popularize the whole e-invitation thinggy, it'll become culturally acceptable.

ok. but that's not what i really thought about. the traffic jams and all. the traffic jam analogy was about this young girl i saw in klcc. she was punky. wears pop-goth garb. complete with eye shadow, pitch black pontianak hair and lacy skirt hem. totally nightmare-before-christmast meet my-chemical-romance like. so she and her equally pop-goth like friends was walking down the lower ground floor of suria. then two of her mates, a guy and a girl, walked into guardian pharmacy. then she hollered, "hoi, korang nak pegi mana tu? haa, nak beli condom yea!?". i was kinda, "whoa..". then the whole culture, traffic jam memory line of thought came in.

and it goes something like this. we often see ourself as both a unique individual in a mass of people, and also as just a tiny insignificant person in a overwhelmingly large society. kinda like sometimes we feel like a primadonna, a hero that shapes the world, and sometimes like an anonymous ant, collecting food. very small. ugly too. well not really, i think ants are beautifull creatures. i spent my childhood drawing them with their menacing mandibles and mysterious bug eyes. i digress. so what if, we are both that at the same time, small and insignificant, yet capable of shaping the world in heroic proportions. take the pop-goth chick for instance. her rebellious, taboo holler can be seen as nothing big, just a loud teenager's insensitive outburst while trying to look kewl in a dangerous dirty bravura. whatever. but what if her insignificant holler caused that traffic jam? i mean, kinda like that traffic jam analogy. her ourburst might be seen by other awkward teens an mimicked. or it might be heard by the society in general and the society might brush it off as nothing big. and in no time at all, her behavior becomes acceptable in the society. her careless outburst could start a hedonistic safe-sex culture that would tear apart our malay sensibilities! the horror!

so what have this got to do with divinity and the atheist trainer guy? that i think, i might have to elaborate in a different entry. tis already long, and i fear i might not get things done. because fyi... i will be getting married in a few weeks' time. there are things to do! i need to create some sort of an e-invitation thinggy and start a cultural phenomenon that'll reshape our way of perceiving electronic means of aggrandizing one's marriage!

wish me luck people! and go! go and do stuff that'll revolutionize whatever the things need revolutionizing! go to public places and shout random words of positive reinforcement! invent stuff! hug your cubicle buddy. it'll change the world! i promise!

cult of personality

"However, the subsequent development of photography, sound recording, film and mass production, as well as public education and techniques used in commercial advertising, enabled political leaders to project a positive image like never before." - wikipedia

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's middle of september

I recently bought myself a big digital camera. A Canon 350d. A week before it's successor 400d hit the market. Canon helpdesk said that the camera is to hit the market at end of September. Oh well, there's advantages to buying the older version anyway. So i didn't feel that much a loss.
So I went around town taking my camera for a walk. It seems that people don't like being photographed. But maybe it's because i went to the edgier part of town where people tend to not want to attract attention. There even this one dude, in full mountaineering outfit, told me not to take his pictures. He said that people tend to back-stab and sell people out with pictures. Then he goes to point out that our PM Pak Lah is the Big Brother, and i better not be in league with him. He was quite a colorfull character. Not quite right in the head i think. But he got this real kewl backpack. With that rubber hydration hose.
Neways, check out my flickr page --> hehe :D

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Howdy all,
Hows it goin? I hope everyone is a-Ok. Anyways, i've contracted the
sniffles. Annoying yes. Work is hectic nowadays.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hello world

I'm currently creating a program using UML diagrams. It's kinda fun.
It's not a total diagrammatic programming though. You need to specify
the function's behavior using your chosen language. So basically, the
diagram part is just for the program structure only.
Lately, there's a lot of people getting married.
I'm cold. I'm sitting right in front of the air-conditioner. It's one of
those old air-conditioning system. The one that looks like the stove top
fume vacuum contraption. My mom bought that one long ago. But i hardly
saw it in action. My mom bought a lot of things that rarely used. Like
this one time, she bought a whole stack of Anglo-phone English language
learning kit. She said to me later on that she bought that purely out of
guilt. The salesman managed to somehow make her feel that she's not
contributing to her children's education. I hope the salesman rot in
hell. Never once did i use that kit. It just sat there on top of our
Anyway... there's one random entry
There's a pack of meehun on my table. Packed it from home. It was
intended as breakfast, but i am going to eat it as lunch.
It's so cold here, i had to wear a snow cap. Well, i bought the cap in
turkey the other day, and i guess the cap would be of no use here in
Malaysia. So here it is, on my head in this cold office. Maybe i should
wear thicker pants.
I don't really have anything to say.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Eh! Makan makan!

Orang melayu suka ajak ajak ayam. It's a way to be polite. But did we
realize that behind that act of politeness, lies a repulsive fact about
Malay people as a whole? We lie, we cheat, we say things that we don't
really mean. Eh! makan makan! but we don't really want them to eat our
food. No sireee.

Friday, May 26, 2006

It is fenerbache!

And the first thing we did upon arrival; Logging on to the internet. *sigh* Posted by Picasa

En route to febernache

Arrived to Istanbul and took a cab to febernahce. I think. Somewhere towards angkara, at the asia part of turkey. I've got this assumption that turkey is europe. Maybe because my colleague kept saying how turkey is diveded into two parts, asia and europe. And the airport is located in the europe half of turkey. Moreover, turkey is trying to join euro. Hence the assumption that turkey is more europe than middle east.
My assumption got the better of me when i tried to get into the car to the passenger seat from the driver's side. Almost embarrasing. At least the drive had some fun making fun of me. :( Posted by Picasa

Going to turkey: Transit in singapore

My company sends software engineers from my currect project for a training in turkey. Why turkey? We're integrating a system that closely resembles a completed project in turkey. Hence we're there to get some insight about the process from the very developers that implemented the earlier system. The training will span from 24th May to around 3rd June and will be done at our hotel.

We push off from KLIA on the 24th of May, at about 7:00 pm. We transit in singapore before going to bangkok and later straight to atartuk airport istanbul. I was prety disappointed since i didn't get window seats :( Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

3rd resignation

So i resigned today. I thought it would be something like my last two job. I'd go to the boss, submit my letter, have a little chat, and that was supposed to be it. But, this time around, it was a lot more trickier. The boss actually said 'no'. He did. Not because i'm valuable or anything, it was more because he thought it will disrupt planning and project flow. Then i had to try and convince him that it will be ok (which i failed). He then dismissed me and said that he need to go to a meeting and he'd have to consult with my team leader about the situation.
Later on, he called me up and after quite a long talk, he convinced me to ask my future employer to give me an extension to my appointment date. By three months. Impossible. But i said that i'd ask them that, just to get out of the room and rethink my situation. My colleage urged me to be steadfast with my decision. They know i was going to resign when my phone blurt out my reminder about the offer letter when i was not at the table. Most of the guys wanted to resign too, but most of them changed their mind after a session with the boss. He's quite a people person. Well, not quite really. Most of the guys are not too fond of him, yet he has his ways with them. Maybe it's more of a boss-worker thing there. He's quite nice really, a bit too particular and a perfectionist. Nevertheless, he's way better than The Man. Apples and oranges. In fact, if The Man is bruce willis in unbreakable, then my boss would be Mr Glass. Or maybe it's the other way around.
Anyway, after our discussion, i realized that to call up my future emplyer with the proposition might be a bit risky. If i am an employer, i would very much like people to join the company as soon as possible. Three months is quite lengthy. Maybe the boss just wanted to sow some guilt in me. But i called my future employer nonetheless. Just to entertain my concience. And of course the answer would be no. I can't delay the employment.
So i went back to his room to state that. And that was it. Tricky.
Maybe because we're in the middle of a tight project. I felt rather guilty now.
So anyone out there fancy for a job?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No More UTPians

My Boss asked me to recommend some of my friends to fill up my spot. So naturally, wanting to reduce the guilt of quitting the company, i gathered a few of my friends' resumes. Most of them are between jobs, so not only do i get to fulfill my selfish need to feel good, i could help them get a job.
This morning, my boss came to work and held a meeting with the team leads. In the meeting he told them about how he had a very bad Monday. Apparently, my guys, came to the interview late and are a bit sloppy at it (Later today, i found out that they've already secured better offers elsewhere, hence the half-hearted effort). So my boss said to the team leads that he'll never never ever going to hire a UTPian. Ever.
It saddens me. Really.
Can you imagine that? It's true that i am only here for a couple more days, but knowing that i am responsible for tarnishing UTP's good name is really the cherry on the guilt cake.
Plus, the boss is sure to pile more blame on me. So guys, please please please please be more prudent when people put their reputation on the line.

Monday, March 13, 2006

It's here again!

It's the school holidays! Yeay! Why are we happy? We're happy because at
this time of year, the traffic is always smooth flowing. Yes. It was the
parents sending children to school that congest the road.
Maybe the government should subsidize school transport. Make it
compulsory for every parents to utilize the facility. That'll probably
knock off a substantial amount of Malaysian fuel usage. It might also
free up the roads.
Anyhoo.. getting to work today was bliss.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

it's been almost 3 months

It's been almost 3 months since i joined my current company. Come april, i'll be in another company. Yes folks, i'm a professional job hopper.
The news papers printed a story a few days back about job hoppers. I think the timbalan menteri cautioned workers to not leave their companies after given training. That story came out right after i went to the job interview. Or was it before. No matter.
During my second interview, the HR did say that she felt a bit worried to take me onboard because i job hop quite a bit. I didn't have any response to that remark. But i think i've made my intention clear that i'm going to the company because of the job scope.
This time, i promise it'll be a very long time before i even consider getting a new job.

Thursday, February 09, 2006


Its been quite some time.. but no worries, things will be as usual again. I hope so. Anyway, as  you all know, i've gone to a new company and right now is attached with a project somewhere across town. Every morning i go through hell to get to work. On the afternoon, i back tracked through hell to get home. Well, at least the hellish morning commute prepares me for the hellish work. Well, it's not as hellish actually. I kinda liked it. Until my boss burst the bubble of course!
Yesterday, he held a meeting to give us pointers and advice on how to be a good consultant. Coincidentally, there's seven hallmarks of a consultant, as there are seven layers of hell, seven deadly sins and seven eleven.
From his lengthy explaination, i discovered that i lack most of those hallmarks of a consultant. Doing extra poor on hallmark number two and three. Which are diligence and communication (i massively paraphrased here. The original hallmarks are quite lengthy. now you can see why i failed hallmark number two).
It was rather interesting to hear his example about hallmark number two. Interesting if you're not me of course.
the end


blogger bot thinks i'm spam bot. blogger bot don't like spam bot. so blogger bot restricts me from automatically posting my entries from the mail. but luckily, human intervention saved the day.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

When they die, they release a sulfurous gas (DMS), (CH3)2S, which act
as particles on which water vapor condenses to make clouds.

it's was a long neglect

It's been quite a while. A very looong while. It was because i've gotten too comfortable at updating this blog via email. After some time, that feature was either blocked, or the mail server i was using decided to block it. So i can't easily post new stuff without going into the dashboard. That sucks.