Thursday, May 26, 2011


Sex, Blood and The Lies I tell Myself is dead. Welcome to phartsy, that was once Sex, Blood and The Lies I tell Myself.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Happiest, Saddest Moment in My Life

I was riding on the passenger side of my Nissan Sunny. My buddy and room mate was taking his turn driving the car at that time. We were cruising down the PLUS highway towards Kuala Lumpur and was just in from the Gopeng Toll gate. My buddy was feeling sorrowful as he lament about how it will devastate his mother when he breaks the news.

Earlier that day, both of us received letters from the university admin stating that we were being expelled due to low grade points.

I did not feel sorry or remorseful. I knew it was coming. I did not put up an effort to save myself and thus my fate was anticipated. So i looked at my friend with pity. Pity that he really did work hard to stay with the course. But I do felt a certain dread at breaking the news to my mom and dad.

So I was listening silently to my friend's regrets while planning my course of action, thinking about my parents and my future when it struck me that my future is a blank. I have nothing before me, nothing to look forward to. That thought strangely fills me with giddy anticipation. I was elated! Not having anything to look forward to makes me feel truly free!

It feels as if my life is a blank slate, an empty piece of paper filled with nothing but possibilities as infinite as grains of sand in the Sahara. Well not as eloquent. But my teeth were chattering with excitement.

Whenever anybody asked me about the happiest moment in my life, i kept recalling that particular moment. A moment where everything was possible. A moment where my life could turn any way at all.

With that feeling of positivity, I tried to assure my friend that everything will be okay and that our lives might still turn out to be quite exciting. But he seems reluctant to accept it and continued to feel down for the rest of the trip home.

Later that year, I was able to appeal to the university to allow me to continue with my degree, although with a change of course from engineering to technology. Fast forward a few more years later, I managed to complete my degree and had my convocation in the year 2004 with the ceremony being chaired for the first time by Tun Dr Mahathir himself.

As for my friend, he went to flight school, got his pilot wings, worked with MAS, traveled all over the world and married a hot stewardess.

The End.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Change is Good

Dear Readers,

How are you guys doing? I hope this post finds you in your best of health. I'm not sure if you have noticed that the site have undergone quite a change. Well, just a name change and some layout shuffling.

Why? Because change is Good.