Thursday, February 09, 2006


Its been quite some time.. but no worries, things will be as usual again. I hope so. Anyway, as  you all know, i've gone to a new company and right now is attached with a project somewhere across town. Every morning i go through hell to get to work. On the afternoon, i back tracked through hell to get home. Well, at least the hellish morning commute prepares me for the hellish work. Well, it's not as hellish actually. I kinda liked it. Until my boss burst the bubble of course!
Yesterday, he held a meeting to give us pointers and advice on how to be a good consultant. Coincidentally, there's seven hallmarks of a consultant, as there are seven layers of hell, seven deadly sins and seven eleven.
From his lengthy explaination, i discovered that i lack most of those hallmarks of a consultant. Doing extra poor on hallmark number two and three. Which are diligence and communication (i massively paraphrased here. The original hallmarks are quite lengthy. now you can see why i failed hallmark number two).
It was rather interesting to hear his example about hallmark number two. Interesting if you're not me of course.
the end


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