Friday, December 31, 2004

publish dammit!

lets all hold our hands together and think and say the word 'WORK!'. But don't just say it... believe it!

raindrops that didnt create a flood

I bet there are millions of bloggers out here. I bet most of them wish that this world is a better place. I bet a lot of them write slogans, warning, encouragements and pointers for everyone to make this world a better place. But why is the world still in turmoil?

alternatives :: conformance :: next!

I have read the demotivators. It is interesting in the way that a lot of the sayings in those posters makes you think. Human minds have this tendency to try to reject or scrutinize everything that they perceive. Or maybe its just me.

I have read the demotivators. It is interesting in the way that a lot of the sayings in those posters makes you think. Browsing their site i stumble upon a link to an article about a person named judith mair.
Apparently this fraulein judith (she's german) is a business person owning a small design company. According to the article, fraulein judith run the company in the traditional german work ethics (strict disciplined approach: corporate drones, uniforms, drab uninteresting office), as opposed to the popular american way (fun exciting approach: weed junkies, individuality, kindergarden office paintjobs). And it seems that her company is producing positive results, thus sparking interests among the business community about her approach to business.
Thinking about these two different approaches to doing business, makes me wonder: What about life itself? Do we excel in life, socially and spiritually if we live in a rigid strict way of life or in a carefree and do-whatever-you-like way? But of course my whole question is useless and a wate of time, because i know that Islam is the way of life. If you examine Islam, you'll discover that the religion dictates how we live our life. It forms the guidline for us to do our day to day living in a clear and concise manner. It is well defined and strict to the point of rigidity.
Although my blog title is 'The Lies I tell Myself', i now speak the truth to me and to you. So what are we waiting for? The sun rising from the west? Next!

I have read the demotivators. It is interesting in the way that a lot of the sayings in those posters makes you think. It is funny that our mind only starts to work when we encounter situations that we do not approve of. Maybe that is why we grow senile when we are old. We have seen the world, tasted the bitter sweetness of it all, and are thinking 'let these young people taste it just as i have done it in my days'. And at that moment, we will lose our questioning nature. We will let everything happen around us, without worrying about it. We wil wait for death.

I have read the demotivators. It is interesting in the way that a lot of the sayings in those posters makes you think. And i think i hate doing blog entry introduction paragraphs.

Thursday, December 30, 2004


There is a girl in my office.

We love to put meanings to what we see, hear and do. We strife to feel intelligent. Did you not?

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Idle for: 3-hrs, 29-mins, 59-secs

Here i am in the office. Alone. As usual. Everybody have already gone back home. My online buddies are offline. This makes me feel very lonely.
Sure! I could call it a day and go back home to puchong. But, the thing is, there is nothing in puchong except my clothes and bed. I would probably fell asleep after a couple of minutes sitting in my room. It is still early, i don't want to sleep just yet!
I don't think this feeling of lonliness is totally because i'm here in the office alone. I think this melancholia stems from a collection of events and reasons, stacked one on top the other (hmm... when i'm 50 years old, i'd probably be amused with my blog entries).
The biggest most significant reason for my melancholy would probably be the fact that i'm working in a company that have a knack of resisting change. I feel trapped here. I feel like those hamsters in the glass cage. The only activities for us hamsters are either to run endlessly in the treadmill or lie down, indulge in our apathy and sleep. Both are not my idea of fun.


I went for food just now.
Had a glass of iced milo and a plate of chicken murtabak.
It was a filling meal.
When the time comes for me to pay my dues,
my wallet is nowhere near my ass.

Went back to the mamak.
In my nissan sunny.
With the wallet on my behind.
Paid my dues in full and walked back to the office.
With my nissan parked and running.
Somewhere beside the curb.

This is not a poem.
Nor it is a haiku.
Because i dunno what constitue a poem,
and what is a haiku.

Messages in a bottle

welcome, make yourself at home. mi casa su casa. whatever. this is my first entry. but i dont really have anything to say. i'm not witty. ok. lets talk about bandwagons. yes. thats appropriate. fcuk i can't even spell appropriate. or is that correct? ok anyway.. here goes.. my blog.. my very first entry.. now this is getting boring.. where's the idea? where's my muse? ahh.. my muse... ok stop.. i shouldn't be thinking about her.. ok where was i? bandwagons.. yes.. i read a blog a couple of months back, that says blogging has (ok i'm weak with grammar.. is it even called grammar? ok am i supposed to say 'has' or 'have'?) . oh fcuk it. lets talk about bandwagons then.. a couple of months back, while i was blog hoppin' around, i read an entry ?(ok that was long winded ain't it?) ok. i raed a blog that says that blogging is overrated. its a fad that's reached its zenith and hence its uncool now to have a blog (yeah.. ppl do think that its kewl to have a blog a few years back) unless you started it years ago when it was kewl, exotic and something different. ok.. now i lost the point of actually telling you this.. hmm.. maybe i was going to defend my creating this blog right now by saying stuff like 'fcuk them all', 'who gives a shit what other ppl have to think?' or even something like 'ok so i'm one of the freaks that follows the bandwagon'. but of course i'm not going to do that. The real reason why i'm doing this is because, people need to vent their anger, frustation, anxiety and such. This seems like a good way to express my self. When i say 'express myself' i don't mean it in an artsy, profound manner (yes i searched for that) . I meant it to be something much akin to releasing myself, letting my burdens out onto the world.. through expressing my troubles and such.
I don't care if nobody ever read this. Letting my thoughts out here seems somewhat like putting messages in a bottle, and letting it go adrift in the open seas. It have no destination, but its out there. Someone might find it. It doesn't matter if nobody ever finds it. It have served its purpose.

p/s: hey, i could put html scripts in here.. this seems quite fun~!