Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Idle for: 3-hrs, 29-mins, 59-secs

Here i am in the office. Alone. As usual. Everybody have already gone back home. My online buddies are offline. This makes me feel very lonely.
Sure! I could call it a day and go back home to puchong. But, the thing is, there is nothing in puchong except my clothes and bed. I would probably fell asleep after a couple of minutes sitting in my room. It is still early, i don't want to sleep just yet!
I don't think this feeling of lonliness is totally because i'm here in the office alone. I think this melancholia stems from a collection of events and reasons, stacked one on top the other (hmm... when i'm 50 years old, i'd probably be amused with my blog entries).
The biggest most significant reason for my melancholy would probably be the fact that i'm working in a company that have a knack of resisting change. I feel trapped here. I feel like those hamsters in the glass cage. The only activities for us hamsters are either to run endlessly in the treadmill or lie down, indulge in our apathy and sleep. Both are not my idea of fun.

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Dils said...

Taqiiii... I will be your number one fan club!!! Write more~
I dont quite understand ur poem or haiku btw.. seems to contradict each other.. oh well