Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The land of the Free

Freedom is such a quirky concept. You have a country that lauds itself for being the epitome of freedom, and you have an elite army defending the country's freedom. You'd know that the army is very disciplined and you'd know that in order for the soldiers to be elite, they'd have sacrificed their own freedom and free will. This kinda shows that freedom could not exist on its own. It could not exist without rules, order and discipline.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The end of elections

Hi all. Since everyone is talking about the latest election, i think i have to join with the theme. Not that i am a one that follows trends. Or maybe i do, just a little bit. But the main reason why i need to earmark this event on my blog is not only because this election's result is unprecedented in Malaysia's history, it will also be Malaysia's last. There will be no more after this.

In the coming four years, we will be walking into an age of uncertainty. Our country's fate could tip to either into our very own golden age or into an age of misery and strife. Since this is 'Sex, Blood and the Lies I Tell Myself', it is by default going to tip towards the latter.

The current government will try to keep their promises, but sadly the world's deteriorating economic conditions will prevent it. Though the people that heads the government have change, the people that backs them are still the same. Same culture, same motive, same outcome. Only the faces in the news papers change.

People will lose their trust with both party lines. Men will start to whisper in alleys and closed doors with words that taste of revolution. In no time, fists will be raised to the sky with angry words. The blood flag will be hoisted emblazoned with the image of AK-47, paradoxically, the weapon of freedom and tyranny.

Paddy fields turn red with blood. City streets littered with burning things. The sky filled with smoke. The crow feast its hearty meal.

And in the end. In the end, the heirs remember this day as a black mark. They would gather around the vivid computer screen and read aloud 12th March 2008 entry. When they are done, they would chant "He told them so" in patriotic frenzy.

This entry will be a legacy, a reminder and an 'i-told-you-so' for the future generations to reflect upon the implications of mismanaged governance and empty promises.

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Jadd, 5 months old

This week, jadd is already able to balance on his hands and knees. He'd get up on all four limbs and then he'd let his body fall forward so that he'd slowly inch forward.
The welt on his forehead was from an accident with the TV bench while trying to checkout the stuff clumped undearneath the TV. Surprisingly, Jadd was unfazed and if left to himself, he'd probably went ahead (pun intended) with his exploration. Thankfully, his mom was there to grab him in time.
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