Sunday, March 09, 2008


Jadd, 5 months old

This week, jadd is already able to balance on his hands and knees. He'd get up on all four limbs and then he'd let his body fall forward so that he'd slowly inch forward.
The welt on his forehead was from an accident with the TV bench while trying to checkout the stuff clumped undearneath the TV. Surprisingly, Jadd was unfazed and if left to himself, he'd probably went ahead (pun intended) with his exploration. Thankfully, his mom was there to grab him in time.
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Dils said...

wahh.. he look like a baby that can whip some ass if any big bad baby bully want to push him around a playpen.


Hurmm... enrol him in a karate class!

(note to myself: you do not have any say in other people baby)

Fadhil Luqman said...

Little tyke'll be tearing up your house in no time. Say goodbye to your perfect furniture mate, it's rippin time!