Tuesday, April 25, 2006

3rd resignation

So i resigned today. I thought it would be something like my last two job. I'd go to the boss, submit my letter, have a little chat, and that was supposed to be it. But, this time around, it was a lot more trickier. The boss actually said 'no'. He did. Not because i'm valuable or anything, it was more because he thought it will disrupt planning and project flow. Then i had to try and convince him that it will be ok (which i failed). He then dismissed me and said that he need to go to a meeting and he'd have to consult with my team leader about the situation.
Later on, he called me up and after quite a long talk, he convinced me to ask my future employer to give me an extension to my appointment date. By three months. Impossible. But i said that i'd ask them that, just to get out of the room and rethink my situation. My colleage urged me to be steadfast with my decision. They know i was going to resign when my phone blurt out my reminder about the offer letter when i was not at the table. Most of the guys wanted to resign too, but most of them changed their mind after a session with the boss. He's quite a people person. Well, not quite really. Most of the guys are not too fond of him, yet he has his ways with them. Maybe it's more of a boss-worker thing there. He's quite nice really, a bit too particular and a perfectionist. Nevertheless, he's way better than The Man. Apples and oranges. In fact, if The Man is bruce willis in unbreakable, then my boss would be Mr Glass. Or maybe it's the other way around.
Anyway, after our discussion, i realized that to call up my future emplyer with the proposition might be a bit risky. If i am an employer, i would very much like people to join the company as soon as possible. Three months is quite lengthy. Maybe the boss just wanted to sow some guilt in me. But i called my future employer nonetheless. Just to entertain my concience. And of course the answer would be no. I can't delay the employment.
So i went back to his room to state that. And that was it. Tricky.
Maybe because we're in the middle of a tight project. I felt rather guilty now.
So anyone out there fancy for a job?