Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Hello world

I'm currently creating a program using UML diagrams. It's kinda fun.
It's not a total diagrammatic programming though. You need to specify
the function's behavior using your chosen language. So basically, the
diagram part is just for the program structure only.
Lately, there's a lot of people getting married.
I'm cold. I'm sitting right in front of the air-conditioner. It's one of
those old air-conditioning system. The one that looks like the stove top
fume vacuum contraption. My mom bought that one long ago. But i hardly
saw it in action. My mom bought a lot of things that rarely used. Like
this one time, she bought a whole stack of Anglo-phone English language
learning kit. She said to me later on that she bought that purely out of
guilt. The salesman managed to somehow make her feel that she's not
contributing to her children's education. I hope the salesman rot in
hell. Never once did i use that kit. It just sat there on top of our
Anyway... there's one random entry
There's a pack of meehun on my table. Packed it from home. It was
intended as breakfast, but i am going to eat it as lunch.
It's so cold here, i had to wear a snow cap. Well, i bought the cap in
turkey the other day, and i guess the cap would be of no use here in
Malaysia. So here it is, on my head in this cold office. Maybe i should
wear thicker pants.
I don't really have anything to say.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Eh! Makan makan!

Orang melayu suka ajak ajak ayam. It's a way to be polite. But did we
realize that behind that act of politeness, lies a repulsive fact about
Malay people as a whole? We lie, we cheat, we say things that we don't
really mean. Eh! makan makan! but we don't really want them to eat our
food. No sireee.