Saturday, February 26, 2005

welcome, to the real world

My car was broke into last night. The passenger side window was shattered and broken glass pieces lay strewn inside my car. I can see that this was no accident since the glove compartment was open and the items i kept in it was taken out and laid either on the seat or thrown outside of the car. The dashboard ashtray was missing and small change was thrown onto the car floor.

Surveying the surrounding area, i found my ashtray back and some other stuff that was in my glove compartment. Nothing much was lost except for the small change i kept in the ashtray and the sunglasses that i stole from my ex. evil begets evil. Well, i didn't quite stole it, i borrowed it long time ago and forgot to return it.

To my surprise, the radio was not stolen and there is no sign that the thief tried to stole it. Moreover, my boot compartment was not opened and my shoes was not stolen. It was a sturdy, well worn chuck taylor. I would be devastated if i have lost it.

After assessing the damage done, I sat back for a while and wonder about the kind of people that did such a thing. But somehow, I didn't felt anything other than the regret that i have to clean up the mess and send the car to the workshop. Although I do feel that i'd flay the skin of whoever did that to me. And I wonder if the break in was motivated by theft or is it vengence?

I will never know.

As a conclusion, park your car in places that are visible to passerby. Ensure there there are other much more attractive targets other than your car around the area. hehe

Friday, February 25, 2005

Sepet: A New Hope

I went to watch the movie sepet.
I left the cinema excited.
I want more!
Never have i felt this excitement after watching malaysian made movies.

but of course, sepet have got its flaws, but it was a wonderfull experiance.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

interesting quote

avicennn_alll: pompuan ni byk jenis
avicennn_alll: ade yg suke conversation yg more to feminine..
avicennn_alll: and tak byk yg suke intelligent conversation.. lg obvious kalot die tak interested kat kite

Sunday, February 20, 2005

yesteryear's insecurities

Back when i was younger, I fear that I might look like a girl and people might mistake me as one. In fact I did look like a girl and once a shop keeper did asked me if i was a boy or a girl.

Now I'm 25, going to 26. I do not fear about my looks anymore. But with that confidence came a whole slew of other insecurities. Now i fear about my future, my life as a whole, my direction in life, friends and connections.

It is not going to end is it? I wonder what my insecurities are when I'm 50, 60 and 70.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Hari Romentik Sedunia

Febuary 14th . Today is the day of the year that every couple have to act all romentic, give each other gifts in pink wrappings or stuff each other out with fattening chocolate.

I think most men might dread this day. It is not the pink, it is not the chocolate. It is the act of trying to create the romentic mood. Men are not naturally romantic. We are built muscle bound. Our blood pumps testosterone and adrenalin. We live for warfare and we have the instinct to kill, maim and use whatever means to protect our self and our family. We are machines, driven by lust for blood and dominance.

How could we, for just one day, abandon our harsh rigid manner and go all soft and mellow? How could our coarse hard hands, so used to sharp jagged objects, stained with grease and grime, take up cute cuddly teddy bears and tie a frilly bow? How could our minds, trained and taught in the tactics of warfare, of killing, of destruction, turn our thoughts to planning a romantic dinner for two with candle lights? It is all so unnatural. We are not meant for this.

The sad part is that, our women expects us to do it all. To sweep them off their feet, and show them that we truly love them, in one day, with the teddy bears, roses, hearts, frilly bows, soft tender words, all that. What if we can't? Will it not seem fake? Manufactured? Cheesy?

Bottom line is, i hate to live up to other to people's expectations. I'd rather if i am able to surpise them. To do something unrequired, unasked, unexpected. I think that is a much sincere act of love.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Pelan ke Majlis Perkahwinan

I went to Izzatdin and Mazlina's wedding reception today. Went there alone since i figured that if i were to meet up with my other friends, i'd have to go to the city and we would have to double back here afterwards. So I decided to go on alone.

I Followed the map provided on the back of the invitation card. I swear that I have followed the way exactly as described, but I still managed to get lost and I ended up right back to Puchong where my house is located.

At that time, I felt really despirited about going to the reception. But I managed to continue on to try to find my way there. I said to myself that if i manage to get lost again, I'll give up trying to attend this wedding and go home. This time around, I disregard the map and follow my intuition.

Surprisingly, after just a short drive from the point where i got lost, I stumbled across the small signboard pointing towards the wedding reception. It seems that I've been around that area before and I shoul've not got lost the first time around.

It seemes to me that a map could sometimes get you more lost than you already are. Maybe it is the map maker's fault to make the direction to be confusing. Maybe it is my own fault to mis-read the map. Or maybe it is God's way to tell me that I may lost my way the first time but i will find it if only i could be patient and let things takes its own course. Or maybe i should've bring a friend. Or maybe i should just stop writing this, and do other fun stuff. Or not.

Friday, February 11, 2005


I am preety sure that most people that lives in Iran did not foresee that America will accuse them of manufacturing Weapons of Mass Destruction. Hence the accusations might have socked them to no end. I am preety sure too, that most people in Iraq did not foresee that their country will be in ruins years after their soldiers invaded Kuwait. I am totally sure that everybody in Achech did not foresee the tsunami that hit them.

Lately, we have heard a lot of disasters befalls countries or places that is directly connected to Islam.

We should be prepared. We could never know what is in store for us.

Monday, February 07, 2005


Last weekend, I, along with my two friend went to tronoh for two wedding reception. The wedding was held in Ipoh, but we decided to stay with another friend of mine, who works in our old university located in tronoh.

The house we're staying in is quite big. It a double storey bungalow located in a housing area filled with single storey terrace houses. The hosing area is about 5 kilometers from our old university.

The three of us( asrol, abe and myself) arrived to tronoh at around 12 midnight on friday. hmm deja vu

well, anyway, the wedding was on saturday and sunday. The bride's family reception is on saturday and the groom, sunday. We went to both.

That saturday afternoon, after the bride's reception, a few of my friends got thogether and talked about life and everything in it. It was a conversation that gives me a different outlook on my life.

By saturday night, more of our friends arrived to attend the groom's reception. It felt like a university reunion.

We went back to KL after the sunday reception.

The only flaw in our trip to tronoh was that I didn't get to stay for a while in the my old univeristy. The university have implemented a strict visitor rule that bars non-staff and non-student to enter the compounds at night.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

bus stop

Yesterday i went back to my workshop to fetch my car. So i had to take the bus since there is nobody to send me to KL for it. When I arrive to the bus stop, i saw a guy adjusting his oversized pants while holding up his shirt with his chin. exposing his stomach and chest. I was thinking to myself 'this dude must either be very confident or just plain don't care'. i paid him no mind and proceeded to sit next to him, at the further end of the long concrete bench (polished smooth and shiny with a couple decades of rubbing hinies).

after a brief silence, the guy spoke 'do bus 14 go to KL?', i answered 'yes' in return for his polite yet heavily accented query. Then he proceeded with 'do bus 41 go to kl?' and i answered 'yups, it does'. Next he continued with 'Bus 61 goes to KL and so is bus 174'. At around this moment, i am starting to get annoyed. He is invading my sphere of comfort. Plus, i have to strain myself to understand his slurred mumblish accent.

After a few more queries, he started to exhibit an unnatural behavior, which is sticking his tounge out at an interval. By this time, i've started to brush off his queries with non-committal answers. Until he jolt me with a question or rather a request that truly wakes me up from my deep slumber and put my senses into extreme overdrive. He said ' got a ringgit? i don't the bus fare'.

Automatically, as if my body and soul have been controlled by a malicious external deamon thing from hell. I took out my wallet, pick out a one ringgit note out of my wallet and handed it the the guy while sporting a stupid grin on my face. In my mind, i was screaming 'YOU BLOODY FOOL! YOU'VE BEEN TRICKED! THIS IS A WORK OF A MASTER CONMAN'.

But it did not end there. After i've surrendered my note to him, he proceeded to show me his ray-ban shades with a broken hinge and say 'i don't have enough money to fix this shades, could you spare some to me?'. And with that, i throw away my guilt, my compassion and my guilibility and say 'uhhuh' while raising my hands up in a global sign of 'enuff is enuff'. With that, he abandoned the subject and proceeded to thank me for my one ringgit.

After that he continued to engage me in small talk, about my age, and my other personal particulars. By this time, i decided that i will lead the conversation rather than let this master conman dude from the pit of hell lead it to a point where i might have to surrender my pants and shirts.

After a while, when i recall back at his behavior earlier on, i realized that this is not a work of a very confident man, nor it is a work of a guy with nothing to lose. It is actually a work of a mentally challanged man.