Monday, February 07, 2005


Last weekend, I, along with my two friend went to tronoh for two wedding reception. The wedding was held in Ipoh, but we decided to stay with another friend of mine, who works in our old university located in tronoh.

The house we're staying in is quite big. It a double storey bungalow located in a housing area filled with single storey terrace houses. The hosing area is about 5 kilometers from our old university.

The three of us( asrol, abe and myself) arrived to tronoh at around 12 midnight on friday. hmm deja vu

well, anyway, the wedding was on saturday and sunday. The bride's family reception is on saturday and the groom, sunday. We went to both.

That saturday afternoon, after the bride's reception, a few of my friends got thogether and talked about life and everything in it. It was a conversation that gives me a different outlook on my life.

By saturday night, more of our friends arrived to attend the groom's reception. It felt like a university reunion.

We went back to KL after the sunday reception.

The only flaw in our trip to tronoh was that I didn't get to stay for a while in the my old univeristy. The university have implemented a strict visitor rule that bars non-staff and non-student to enter the compounds at night.


Taqiyuddin said...

felt a sudden lazyness to write myself an entry.

Dils said...

that is not laziness. It is another form of rajin.

Anonymous said...

dude this is so not u. are u experimenting another way of writing?


Taqiyuddin said...

sucky entry huh... well.. i felt a bit down when writing this up. but i felt that the trip to tronoh is quite significant.. so i guess the entry is largely for my own satisfaction.

Dils said...

herm.. dont u said to me earlier.. that u had kinda wanna or had changed ur way on looking at things.. so u r feeling great nowadays... but why are you feeling downt then?

Taqiyuddin said...

oh dilla, i think you've found out a lie that i told myself.

Dils said...

haha.. no worries.. ppls are entitled to have their "down" days..
I have one everyday