Saturday, February 26, 2005

welcome, to the real world

My car was broke into last night. The passenger side window was shattered and broken glass pieces lay strewn inside my car. I can see that this was no accident since the glove compartment was open and the items i kept in it was taken out and laid either on the seat or thrown outside of the car. The dashboard ashtray was missing and small change was thrown onto the car floor.

Surveying the surrounding area, i found my ashtray back and some other stuff that was in my glove compartment. Nothing much was lost except for the small change i kept in the ashtray and the sunglasses that i stole from my ex. evil begets evil. Well, i didn't quite stole it, i borrowed it long time ago and forgot to return it.

To my surprise, the radio was not stolen and there is no sign that the thief tried to stole it. Moreover, my boot compartment was not opened and my shoes was not stolen. It was a sturdy, well worn chuck taylor. I would be devastated if i have lost it.

After assessing the damage done, I sat back for a while and wonder about the kind of people that did such a thing. But somehow, I didn't felt anything other than the regret that i have to clean up the mess and send the car to the workshop. Although I do feel that i'd flay the skin of whoever did that to me. And I wonder if the break in was motivated by theft or is it vengence?

I will never know.

As a conclusion, park your car in places that are visible to passerby. Ensure there there are other much more attractive targets other than your car around the area. hehe


Anonymous said...

mamat dadah le tuh.. n i think u should consider to buy a steering lock.

Taqiyuddin said...

which is better? a steering lock. pedal lock or gear lock?

harni said...

gear lock is the best.

harni said...

ooh.. and alarm too!

Yours Truly said...

if that situation happen to me..*sighs~ i guess i cant take it anymore..the other day had cost up's just say lots of money..

if it happens again i might be broken up and who knows..could be giving up on having a car.. (+_+)~

B-Flx said...

Gear locks, wheel locks, and alarms help prevent your car from being stolen, but it won't stop a thief from stealing something out of your car, which is what happened to you (sorry.)

Unfortunately, a good thief can steal your car and what's inside it no matter what you do. Sad, but true.

Dils said...

someone pernah broke into my abg ipar kete, glass shards everywhere.. but in spite of stealing anything , he left us something ...a thumbdrive. Herm.. whut kinda thief is this?

Anonymous said...

Brett_FLX: true that..

You can't stop someone with Motivation, you can't stop someone with Skills, your best bet is to reduce their Opportunity.