Saturday, February 12, 2005

Pelan ke Majlis Perkahwinan

I went to Izzatdin and Mazlina's wedding reception today. Went there alone since i figured that if i were to meet up with my other friends, i'd have to go to the city and we would have to double back here afterwards. So I decided to go on alone.

I Followed the map provided on the back of the invitation card. I swear that I have followed the way exactly as described, but I still managed to get lost and I ended up right back to Puchong where my house is located.

At that time, I felt really despirited about going to the reception. But I managed to continue on to try to find my way there. I said to myself that if i manage to get lost again, I'll give up trying to attend this wedding and go home. This time around, I disregard the map and follow my intuition.

Surprisingly, after just a short drive from the point where i got lost, I stumbled across the small signboard pointing towards the wedding reception. It seems that I've been around that area before and I shoul've not got lost the first time around.

It seemes to me that a map could sometimes get you more lost than you already are. Maybe it is the map maker's fault to make the direction to be confusing. Maybe it is my own fault to mis-read the map. Or maybe it is God's way to tell me that I may lost my way the first time but i will find it if only i could be patient and let things takes its own course. Or maybe i should've bring a friend. Or maybe i should just stop writing this, and do other fun stuff. Or not.


Anonymous said...

heh. remind me the map to Kimi's wed.

Dils said...

i think all those nasi minyak is dulling your senses..

I hate nasi minyak.. Is really compulsory for a wedding to have nasi minyak? It always make me drowsy

Anonymous said...

Erm... no its not compulsory to have nasi minyak.. i did went to a couple of weddings that served nasi putih and masakan ala kampung with ulam and sambal belacan... slurrpp~~~ but, some people might think nasi putih is too common (at least people in my kampung do think that way) and us who lives in the city would crave for something simple.. ikan goreng maybe?

eh.. dah lari dari tajuk asal..


Taqiyuddin said...

My classmate's wedding last sunday pulak serves both nasik minyak and nasik putih. But they have this sambal petai ikan bilis mixed with durian. hmm... it looks really icky.. imagine ikan bilis and petai in a yellow-greenish durian goo.It tastes ok tho.

Anonymous said...

nasik minyak has become trademark when it comes to Malay wedding.
Same like Colgate for toothpaste, or Kiwi for shoe polish. I guess?