Friday, December 22, 2006

Before Akad Nikah

I'm getting married today. It's 8:23 am now, and the ceremony is supposed to start later at around 10:30 am. As some of you might have known, I am rather inept at handling social interaction and with that would almost always get stage frights when put in the spotlights. But now, 2 hours before being put on center stage, i felt nothing. Well, maybe some butterflies in my tummy, but this is not as extreme as when I was preparing for my FYP presentation. Maybe I am already in the eye of the storm. Experiencing calm after a some initial quesyness and before the chaos and anarchy that will ensue. Maybe. But I sure hope that this calm will last until 25th December! Hah! Dream On?

Anyways, I think i better go and iron my clothes now.

Monday, December 18, 2006

Talented Mr Fadhil, only less morbid

Twas a fine Saturday evening. I was strolling around Merdeka Stadium looking for interesting people to photograph. Lo and behold, i found tamin. He was MCing for the discovery stage during the 7th Rock the World. So here's him introducing the next band. Posted by Picasa

They don't make punks like they used to...

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

took a walk

how much time it takes to walk from subang jaya to bkt jelutong?
3 hours, one 100 plus, 2 hot dogs and one chocolate milk.

how does it feel?
exhausting, feels like merentas desa back in secondary school.

why did i do it?
because i suddenly felt that 25 bucks is way too expensive for a cab fare.

how bout now? after the 3 hours of walking, one 100 plus, 2 hot dogs and one chocolate milk...
25 bucks seems rather fair.... dang....

Monday, December 11, 2006


The beast called photoshop
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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

in case broken links

halamak aku tak antar kad kawin lagik nie!

panic panic panic... sempat kot eh.

anyhoo, i was delaying it so that i could finish off doing a little project. if you notice, there's that banner bar at the sides. yup, the marriage aggrandizing i was talking about. click on it to see more.

lepas dah tengok tu. jemput la kerumah 24th Dec nanti. Ye, awak le.

kalau takut sesat kat bkt jelutong, gimme your house address, i'll send you the card complete with maps and all.