Wednesday, March 23, 2005

don't leave me, i'm scared

I'm job hunting. My current workplace have lost its appeals. I love the work being done here. It excites me. I'm wet all the time. Ok, that went too far. I love the work, but the the company is facing an uncertain future. I can't see myself growing with the company.

Plus, the social climate here have gotten quite cold lately. Wintry cold. Maybe it was all my own doing. Regrets? No.

But thats not what i'm gonna talk about now. Nope nope nope. That's not it. What I'm talking about now is worries. Yes, worries, or the lack of it.

It strikes me as funny just now, that I do not feel any worry when thinking about my current situation here. I recall my time in UTP. I'd feel really worried everytime its the finals. Every project submission deadlines. Of course, I'd drown my worries in a game of Counter Strike, Diablo or maybe drown it in sleep. But those activities seems to be as much the cause of my worries rather than its solution. It is a vicious cycle.

Ah, I think I skewed on the real subject there. What I was going to say was that I've arrived to that period in my life, where slacking does not bring critical life changing repercussions on me. Or does it?

but of course I can't play CS, diablo and sleep on the job.


Anonymous said...

me too dude. me too

Anonymous said...

critical life changing repercussions....

same here bebeh.... the very peak of turning point

Fadhil Luqman said...

Well, not entirely true, at least one of us in the office recently started playing golf I think. :)

Taqiyuddin said...

and one of em' is playing with our future