Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm Alive~! I'm Alive~!!!

ok.. so i didn't die yesterday, but i'm sure one of these days will be the day I die. Hell, everybody will die eventually.

Friends asked me why did i put up such a morbid entry. My answer was always this:

I went to a medicine man last saturday, to have him check out this discomfort i'm feeling in my stomach and the area south of my stomach. *coughs*. Anyways.. after a long wait (apparently, this medicine man is kind of well known. People from all parts of Selangor and Negeri Sembilan flock to his house for treatments. He lives in semenyih, if you are wondering) anyways... after a long wait.. i was admitted into his room and told to... wait some more... after another long wait.. he finally came to me and started to check my pulse.

In just about a minute of feeling my pulse, he managed to miraculosly point out the place that i'm feeling the discomfort and identify the cause of the discomfort. Which is my upper back. Then he goes on to point out that i experiance some headaches and stomach discomforts. To my amusement, he was right... I do experiance the headaches and I do feel the discomfort too.

He then proceeded to tell me that, if the condition is left unchecked, i might die. I think at about this time, i started to smirk in skeptism.

Truth be told, i do have a measure of skeptism in me, regarding the whole traditional or spiritual healing. But, I do believe that we humans, no, all living things are made from two kinds of elements, the phisical and the spiritual. Modern medicine could only cover the physical part of healing. No matter how science have advanced, if our scientists could never believe the existance of this spiritual element, modern medicine will never be complete.

The problem is that, traditional medicine, that incorporates the spiritual elements, are rife with hoaxes and witch-craft. How can we estimate a healer's legitimacy when we are dealing with things unseen?

So i'll retain my skepticism but i'll go nonetheless go with traditional healing for now. I have nothing to lose, at least traditional healing is not overeager to cut you up to see your insides at the slightest hints of complications.

If worse comes to worst, tommorrow might be the day I die.

Nothing to lose there, except that i might end up with an eternity of Hell.


Dils said...

How strange... But its better to believe that ur not immortal everyday isnt it? Made u fear God more?

I remembered theres this guy who's really good at this spiritual stuff.. he even spooks me. Nonetheless he told me I will be marry at 27 but divorced with 3 kids at 31. Dayme. I guess we have to wait and see right =p~

Anonymous said...

28..29..30..31.. wooo one yr one kid mehh??so powerful one..

Dils said...

hahaha.. I may marry a widower yet =p

Yours Truly said...

ngerinye bace..
dekatnye gap..setahun sorg..
(me imagine kn jap kalo me cmtu..~~~~~)