Monday, January 24, 2005

balik kampung

During raya holidays, i felt as though i am trying to please my mom and dad. I'd do everything they wish. Volunteer to help them out a bit. I even did the dishes. Well, just one time, but thats something. I never did dishes other than my own. Have i grown old? Have i went pass my angsty phase?

I find that my relationship with my mom is getting better.Maybe she feels that she's lost her sons and daughter, with all of em married and with children.We even go to the point where she could poke my tummy. She stopped doing that after i went to college. Back when i was the family's blacksheep.

So i joked around with her a bit. She talked about how they (my parents) abandoned the idea of moving to merbuk when my dad retires. She says that they'll probably move to penang or even stay in kl. And of course talking about the future, my mom can't help but ask me wether i've got a girl or not. So i proceeded to say that i dont have any and i continued to poke fun at it by asking her to find me a girl. Well, she laughed it off. but she did say that if she were ever to do that, she'd probably find a candidate through her friends, probably their daughters. And she mention that one of her best friend (i know her as auntie rose) got a pretty daughter. I asked her then, 'how pretty?', she said 'prettier than your ex' (paraphrased here a bit). Right then i'm thinking, 'if she's prettier than my ex, she's got to be really pretty then. And then i asked her on why does she think her pretty. she said that auntie rose's daughther have sharp features. What does she means with that anyway?

In the end, my mom told me to find a girl myself. i guess she doesnt want to be caught up in my married life's problems and hardships. you know how sometimes a mathcmaker get blamed when a relationship go bad? I guess she does not want to be in that situation. Not that i'll blame her if anything ever happens, but it is better be safe than sorry. hmm, shows how much she believes in me... hmm.. ah, she a realist anyway.

and the point is... i don't think i have a point.

how bout; marriage through parent's choice could be a bliss?
or perhaps; i'm getting old.

Oh heck, i dont need a point. Though this blog, a point does matter.


Anonymous said...

arrange marriage or ur choice dun really make a different as long u get bless from ur parent. the important thing in marriage is to learn accept othr ppl as what they are sebab we not perfect either.
if u really want something don't just try hard .. but try smart and harder **wink

Taqiyuddin said...

well dude, i try. but i'm only human.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with heron.
Oh heck, i dont need a point. Though this blog, a point does matter. <-- Rephrase : I don't need a point, but in this blog, a point is...(rephrasing ends here)

Huwarghh, taqi.. tak pahamm. huhu


Dils said...

how interesting since I was posed by this question just now (have just attended relatives events thingies..)
For peoples in love and romantic out there.. it might sounds horrific,barbaric... arranged marriage I meant.
But for peoples who :
1: too busy
2: VERY practical
3: heartbroken
4: hopeless case ( this might refer to all case exceptin above)

This is just another way to get on with life and be married. It is really up to you.. can you face it? can you live her/him tolerably well?

I might think of it. Opted for marriage of convenience as I might giving up love.. but not just yet!

Btw.. Got a cuz.. who her mom and my mom kept pestering me to find a suitable groom.. Prettier and much more domesticated than me.. hehe.. interested? =p~

Taqiyuddin said...

hey really? got pics? hehehe

hmmm i wonder which category i might be in, then.

Anonymous said...

cool stuff dude.

btw,i think its a great opportunity if ur mum want to introduce somebody to u. u are her's child, therefore she might know ur taste.of course she will choose someone pretty, to pleased u. and another positive point, u dont need her approval because u already got one.hehe.
but hey u got nothing to lose rite?it is not like u gonna marry her someday. get to know her first, maybe she is the one for u, who knows?
but taqi, i barely know u now. the things that u do with u mom?this isn't u.hehe.i guess people change heh.

Taqiyuddin said...

heron dude, i don't get what you're saying. And iceroll.. you make it sound so perverted.

Anonymous said...

what's wrong with being pervert? it is an opportunity dude. we'll never live twice. hehe


Yours Truly said... topics guys..marriage..parents issue that i might think in 3 or 4 years later i guess..

Taqiyuddin said...

hmmm 3 to 4 years eh? hmm.. i'll probably be financially, emotionally and spiritually stable by then. And probably fat and bald too. pick me! pick me! pick me un! pick me!