Thursday, January 13, 2005

about power

asrol saks. This statement do not necessarily be true. But if i post the statement on my blog and enough people read it, it could be accepted as truth.


Anonymous said...

i know i am saks. that is what the meaning of being evil.bwahahaha.
btw, i wont get a blog, cause i got fotopages which i've not updated for some u will see where the blog will ends if i got one.

Dils said...

I dunno.. bloggin seems quite fun.
Before this it had been stiffened with request of posting photos.. But with bloggin.. its ur words.. ur conveyance of something something ( I dunno )

but no komen on asrol. hehehe ( saving up for later)

Yours Truly said...

hey i guess it's kinda cool having ur own blog..