Saturday, January 15, 2005


In the future, we programmers will be obsolete. Programs will have an intelligence level so high, that humans need not to worry about telling it what to do. Well, maybe we might have to nudge it to the right direction, but i imagine the bulk of the process will be done by the program itself, autonomously.

The idea of intelligent programs worries me. What will i do when that time comes? I will be out of jobs. My company. No. Humanity will not need programmers anymore. I am doomed. My life will be destroyed (boo hoo dramatic). But, this is only one way of looking at the situation. Why do i fret about something that might happen in the distant future? If this is something achieveable, why not I be the one unleashing this paradigm in programming into the world? Why not I be the creator instead of the destoryed?

Destroy of be destroyed? there is a lot of times when i see myself trying to destroy something i've tried to create. Just to have control over it. Destroying something to feel in control is a trait of a weak man. But weaker still is a man unable to follow through with his destructive vision.


Anonymous said...

during that time, u might be the programmer who programs the intelligent programs. ~sigh~

Anonymous said...

my granpa always said - "ade care nyer tuh, kite yang buat dier, bukan dier buat kite".

let there be bug, a software will always be buggy, and a buggy software, no matter how high the level of intelligent it may have, can't never fix another buggy software, or simply said, can't never fix itself. It will be us, the mere mortal must handle the job.

so.. no worries, you will always be a programmer.