Monday, January 03, 2005

something serious

I wish i could write something really serious that could change the way people view the universe or reality itself. When i browse the multitude of blogs, online articles and such, i found myself to be lacking in knowledge, opinions and witticsm. Am i retarded?
When you are mentally challenged, will you know that you are mentally challenged? if you don't, then you might really be mentally unsound. This reality that you perceive now, could maybe be a figment of your own imagination. You could very well be locked up in a nut house somewhere in tanjung rambutan, staring up at the small window hole, high up in the padded room, without actually being aware that you are there, doing that.
How can i know that i am sane? am i sane? what use of these questions when the answers that will come of it are just make-belief that is conjured by my own mind? If i am really insane, how can i break free of it? help me. Will anybody even hear my call for help? I am alone here, am I?


anybody there?


i am a cat. i am a cute cat. i like to play with my balls. after i play with my balls, i get tired. i will go to sleep. meow. i am a cat. i am a cute cat. i like to hide. when i hide, i miss my balls.


Fadhil Luqman said...

I had a conversation once with a friend of mine, which went somethign like "What if all the crazy people are actually sane. What if _WE'RE_ the ones who are crazy, eh?" Wouldn't that be something.

Taqiyuddin said...

How about faith? religion? every group of religion believes that theirs is _THE_ religion.

Anonymous said...

org gile takkan mengaku die gile

Anonymous said...

Dulu masa kelas 3 Kuning, cikgu Faizah yg ajar KH cakap "Org gila aje yg takde masalah"


Taqiyuddin said...

aha, tapi org gila sebenarnnyer ada masaalah. its just that they are not aware of their problems. hence the saying 'ignorence is bliss'

Anonymous said...

i guess orang gila sebab mereka dengan dunia mereka...kita yg 'normal' kata mereka gila sbb kita tak dlm dunia dio org...but actually mereka pun berpendapat kita ni 'gila' sbb mereka dah tak kat dunia kita...
i rasa macam tuh la...tapi kita pun kener respect each other world...coz kita tak tahu..apa dia org pikir pun...kita slalu kata dia org ni 'gila' sbb dia org kat tepi jln, dress compang camping..maki hamum sana sini, hidup clueless, hopeless...TP wat _IF_ they look smart n well behave like us? will we kall them gila??? will_US???i guess no one dare to call ppl gia if u look at one smart bachelor walk passed u?? or a very beautiful lady smell like roses sitting besides u (even sge read newsapaper terbalik?? make sense or not to u all???
respect each other world that you itself dun know what how n when??
sedangkan dunia kita sendiri pun _KITA_ tak paham...