Saturday, January 08, 2005


i had an epiphany. my epiphany revolves around identity or individuality in fashion. a friend of my wrote something about this a couple of weeks ago. go here to read it. well its not actually about fashion. its more a general issue on identity and individuality. in his writing, he said something about how people wants to be like everyone else and that if they do want to be like everyone else, that doesn't mean that they are not themselves, they are themselves. the very act of wanting to be like everyone else is in essence came from their own self. ok. if you understand that just now, youre either very intelligent or totally nuts. i don't know for sure, but what i am sure is that intelligent or not, you are still who you are.
now, i have this military jacket that i bought at our local flea market, chow kit. i think the jacket would look nice if coupled with a nice military communist-like hat. you know, the kind that castro wears all the time. that flat top cap in olive green. the thing about this is that somehow, miraculously, i find out that lately, that sort hat seems to become increasingly common these days. and i found that whenever i saw somebody wears that hat. i'd check them out. now, all this while, i always thought checking out other people's fashion choices to be somewhat lame, since you seemed as if trying to be like them. but today i realized that, we do not necessarily check out other people so that we could be like them. we sometimes check out other people, so that we could look at stuff that we already wanted to have in the first place. like that olive green castro hat. so thats was my epiphany. sorry if my epiphany is not going to help save the dolphins, reduce world hunger, end wars, free kevin mitnick, solve the da'vinci code, break the pGp, tell the future, make your love life amazing, cure cancer, contribute to protein folding experiment, discover the theory of everything or even feed your cat. but it does give us some ideas on why we checkout other people.

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