Thursday, January 06, 2005


I'm working in a company with an uncertain future. We lack in management finesse. We do not implement standard industry practices when managing a project. We are slow to pick up new technologies. And we are lazy bums.. haha. Well not really, i think we lack motivation (that might be my ego talking or me in denial). But the thing is, our future is uncertain.
The company is now in the state of change. A lot of people are leaving the company, and we are hiring new staffs to fill in the vacancies. Old investors are leaving the company (or to put it more accurately, they are being asked to leave the company alone) and new investors are promising the company bigger fundings and more support for the company's growth. But promises are promises, they're just words that means nothing unless those words are kept. Hence the uncertainty of the company future.
But thats not the whole factors that will determine the company's well being. ok yada yada yada.. i'm getting boring writing this up. fnck! who'd want to read about my company's health anyway. So my main point was this; The company's future is uncertain, we are demotivated. We can't work with the knowledge that our efforts will be for nothing. Yes, we are paid for our efforts but we need the satisfaction of knowing that we are building something. That there is a good ending to our little story.
This rings true for anything we do. Whatever we do in our life, we want it to contribute to a greater cause. Without that goal, we'd feel truly demotivated, depressed and weak.

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Fadhil Luqman said...

Don't know about you, but I'm pretty sure I fall under the 'lazy bum' category. And with this whole uncertainty thing going on, I've become a demotivated lazy bum. It don't get any worse than that, I tell you.