Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Messages in a bottle

welcome, make yourself at home. mi casa su casa. whatever. this is my first entry. but i dont really have anything to say. i'm not witty. ok. lets talk about bandwagons. yes. thats appropriate. fcuk i can't even spell appropriate. or is that correct? ok anyway.. here goes.. my blog.. my very first entry.. now this is getting boring.. where's the idea? where's my muse? ahh.. my muse... ok stop.. i shouldn't be thinking about her.. ok where was i? bandwagons.. yes.. i read a blog a couple of months back, that says blogging has (ok i'm weak with grammar.. is it even called grammar? ok am i supposed to say 'has' or 'have'?) . oh fcuk it. lets talk about bandwagons then.. a couple of months back, while i was blog hoppin' around, i read an entry ?(ok that was long winded ain't it?) ok. i raed a blog that says that blogging is overrated. its a fad that's reached its zenith and hence its uncool now to have a blog (yeah.. ppl do think that its kewl to have a blog a few years back) unless you started it years ago when it was kewl, exotic and something different. ok.. now i lost the point of actually telling you this.. hmm.. maybe i was going to defend my creating this blog right now by saying stuff like 'fcuk them all', 'who gives a shit what other ppl have to think?' or even something like 'ok so i'm one of the freaks that follows the bandwagon'. but of course i'm not going to do that. The real reason why i'm doing this is because, people need to vent their anger, frustation, anxiety and such. This seems like a good way to express my self. When i say 'express myself' i don't mean it in an artsy, profound manner (yes i searched for that) . I meant it to be something much akin to releasing myself, letting my burdens out onto the world.. through expressing my troubles and such.
I don't care if nobody ever read this. Letting my thoughts out here seems somewhat like putting messages in a bottle, and letting it go adrift in the open seas. It have no destination, but its out there. Someone might find it. It doesn't matter if nobody ever finds it. It have served its purpose.

p/s: hey, i could put html scripts in here.. this seems quite fun~!

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