Tuesday, March 28, 2006

No More UTPians

My Boss asked me to recommend some of my friends to fill up my spot. So naturally, wanting to reduce the guilt of quitting the company, i gathered a few of my friends' resumes. Most of them are between jobs, so not only do i get to fulfill my selfish need to feel good, i could help them get a job.
This morning, my boss came to work and held a meeting with the team leads. In the meeting he told them about how he had a very bad Monday. Apparently, my guys, came to the interview late and are a bit sloppy at it (Later today, i found out that they've already secured better offers elsewhere, hence the half-hearted effort). So my boss said to the team leads that he'll never never ever going to hire a UTPian. Ever.
It saddens me. Really.
Can you imagine that? It's true that i am only here for a couple more days, but knowing that i am responsible for tarnishing UTP's good name is really the cherry on the guilt cake.
Plus, the boss is sure to pile more blame on me. So guys, please please please please be more prudent when people put their reputation on the line.


Dils said...

That is in a way very sad.

And well. I don't know. Sloppy. That is why I always decline/cancel for an interview when I had got better offers.

You won't waste any one time.

Haih.. tis a sad day to be a UTPians today.

Anonymous said...

owhh shit...i really really feel bad about this.

Unknown said...

haih... kena line up all cute gorgeous UTP girls for him kot in order to change his mind. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

aishh rase bersalah lg nih. aku telah memberi nama buruk kpd taqi dan jugak menutup peluang budak utp keje kat situ.. aihhh

Fadhil Luqman said...

Ouch, that sucks. I'm guessing your guys didn't pass the interview? I wonder if the way I did my resume didn't also make a bad impression. Really sucks that your company feels that way about UTP students. Apparently some other companies sing praises about UTP students, saying they're "enterprising" and "diligent" and "communicate well".Buck up folks! Let's keep the UTP name aloft in the higher echelons of superior graduates, eventhough we know that UTP is fucked up to the core. Anyway, my company kinda sorta got a rude awakening gak; the internship supervisor for the UTP students interning at my company came over sometime last week, and apparently mentioned to the UTP students that UTP will no longer be sending UTP students to intern at the company I work for. I have a feeling this has a lot to do with the fact that lately (the last year and a half or so) the interns were mostly involved in stuff that had little or nothing to do with what we does as a company. Instead they spent most of their time working as waiters/waitresses for a cafe owned by one of our bosses, filing stuff, moving stuff, going holidaying in places like penang, port dickson, etc, all in the name of "team/character building". In short, it was all "fluff".

whoishe said...

taki dude,
ko kat turkey, kewll...patutla aku kall tak dpt.aku nak ajak gi sudin wed yesterday.

btw, about this topic, i'm the first screwed up with my 24hrs notice and youre the last...!!

p/s:pegi layan belly dancing tak?

Taqiyuddin said...

tak pegik la dude. aku teringin gaks.. tapi collegue aku semuanye alim kucing belaka. well ader la kot sorang yang alim bebetul.