Tuesday, November 14, 2006

the long awaited update

entah sapa tah await nyer.


i was thinking to myself the other day. about divinity and traffic jams. and also about this one atheist trainer dude.

the thought goes like this. traffic jams have memories, they really do. this is something i learned while watching mission impossible 3. i observed this phenomenon too. and i am sure you all could have experienced this before. this traffic memory thinggy usually happens during rush hours, and when there was an accident in a congested part of the road. when people are clearing up an accident, commuters tend to gawk and drive by slowly to maybe get a glimpse of dead bodies. but when the accident area is cleared, the traffic in that area will continue to crawl even when there is nothing to see anymore. this is what i call traffic memory. cars have to slow down because the car in front of them slows down. this is because a few hours earlier, cars slow down to look at the wreckage. it's a chain reaction kind of thing. in the end, the whole traffic have to slow down until the rush hour ends.

it's kinda like our culture. we do things, then our children do the same thing and then their children mimics them. it'll never end, until of course, it gets out of style. but some things don't. like kad kawin for instance. in this day and age, invitations could be sent via sms, phone calls, emails and bulletin board invites. but nope, it's our culture to send kad kawin. why? because the culture dictates that it's not proper to send e-invites. looks too cheap. too half-hearted. but that's my culturally sensitive brains speaking. logically, invitation in any kind of medium is acceptable. since the whole point is to spread the news of marriage. but i guess we have to take into account the emotional side of it too. maybe if we popularize the whole e-invitation thinggy, it'll become culturally acceptable.

ok. but that's not what i really thought about. the traffic jams and all. the traffic jam analogy was about this young girl i saw in klcc. she was punky. wears pop-goth garb. complete with eye shadow, pitch black pontianak hair and lacy skirt hem. totally nightmare-before-christmast meet my-chemical-romance like. so she and her equally pop-goth like friends was walking down the lower ground floor of suria. then two of her mates, a guy and a girl, walked into guardian pharmacy. then she hollered, "hoi, korang nak pegi mana tu? haa, nak beli condom yea!?". i was kinda, "whoa..". then the whole culture, traffic jam memory line of thought came in.

and it goes something like this. we often see ourself as both a unique individual in a mass of people, and also as just a tiny insignificant person in a overwhelmingly large society. kinda like sometimes we feel like a primadonna, a hero that shapes the world, and sometimes like an anonymous ant, collecting food. very small. ugly too. well not really, i think ants are beautifull creatures. i spent my childhood drawing them with their menacing mandibles and mysterious bug eyes. i digress. so what if, we are both that at the same time, small and insignificant, yet capable of shaping the world in heroic proportions. take the pop-goth chick for instance. her rebellious, taboo holler can be seen as nothing big, just a loud teenager's insensitive outburst while trying to look kewl in a dangerous dirty bravura. whatever. but what if her insignificant holler caused that traffic jam? i mean, kinda like that traffic jam analogy. her ourburst might be seen by other awkward teens an mimicked. or it might be heard by the society in general and the society might brush it off as nothing big. and in no time at all, her behavior becomes acceptable in the society. her careless outburst could start a hedonistic safe-sex culture that would tear apart our malay sensibilities! the horror!

so what have this got to do with divinity and the atheist trainer guy? that i think, i might have to elaborate in a different entry. tis already long, and i fear i might not get things done. because fyi... i will be getting married in a few weeks' time. there are things to do! i need to create some sort of an e-invitation thinggy and start a cultural phenomenon that'll reshape our way of perceiving electronic means of aggrandizing one's marriage!

wish me luck people! and go! go and do stuff that'll revolutionize whatever the things need revolutionizing! go to public places and shout random words of positive reinforcement! invent stuff! hug your cubicle buddy. it'll change the world! i promise!


Anonymous said...

yuppers. but i will still say no to gay stuff.

naiza said...

sungguh berani mudamudi zaman skarang.. scary..

Taqiyuddin said...

hmmm... my memory fails me