Tuesday, August 23, 2005

the begining, the end, the aftermath, the headache

We went to tronoh last weekend, to join in with our university's convocation celebration. We are tamin, asrol, myself and heron. Heron decided to come along at asrol's coercion (coaxation, to be more accurate). Furthermore, heron wanted to experience UTP culture.

We started the trip to Tronoh from KLCC at around 10 pm. I decided to meetup with the others at KLCC so that we could all meet peed whom was staying around that area to attend a job training course. The original plan was for us to meet at around 7ish before going to tronoh, but through my own sloppyness and lack of foresight, I managed to drag the meeting time to around 8ish. You see, that morning, I forgot that I wont have time to go back home from work before going for the randezvous. So, I didn't pack for the trip before going off to work. Hence, I had to go back home for my clothes before going to KLCC. Sloppy.

Anyway, in KLCC, I parked my car inside klcc's basement parking lot. Normally, I'd ditch my car at the 3 ringgit parking lot beside the KLCC mosque. Not today, since I was in a hurry. But, It seems that parking at the basement do not guarantee speedy arrival to your destination, In fact, it could be more time consuming to hunt for car lots compared to walking the distance from the mosque car park to KLCC.

walked to picnic
met with ming wen
she's talkative
we eat kentucky
tamin asked her if she'd prefer to ride with the smoking or the non-smoking car, with tamin's being the smoking car.
she says that she prefers non-smoking car, but tamin is fun.
i laughed, but i know that its true. so is everybody else
at end of dinner, i pushed ming wen to ride with tamin, taking asrol along with me
the reason being that , i figured ming wen would be more comfortable with heron and tamin
and i am more comfortable with asrol
so after making the arrangements, we went our separate ways to get to the car and randezvous at jalan ampang.
while getting to our car, i managed to lose the car. i pushed the car alarm button and hears the alarm blaring, but i can't seem to find the car. The sound was playing tricks on us. When we walked towards the sound, it diminished, when we turned a corner, we see no car. After quite sometime spent search for the invisible car, i realized that the sound came from the car park's air well. We were on the wrong floor.
after that car park bungle, we managed to get lost in kl's roadways before arriving at the highway entrance. travelling on highway was uneventfull and we managed to arrive to tronoh at around 1 am.
me and asrol went to macai's motel to check in and then we proceeded to mamak for some night cap.
there, we are met with old friends. Aswad turned up out of nowhere, like a ghost from the past. He is one of those fellas that are not really into studying but managed to get by with his life just fine. miraculously.
after the supper, we head back to our motel to end the night.

Next morning, we woke up at 10am. just like how we used to when we were in UTP. we proceeded to the convo fair site, and had AMW burgers for brunch. then we hanged out in the convo fair site till midday. Then everybody went their seperate ways, tamin went to meet up with his hackerish buddies, asrol went off for a some lovey dovey moments with un, i went back to the motel for some rest, tugging heron along. poor heron, stuck with with mr no-fun.

later that day, at around 4 pm, i took heron back to utp for some sight seeing. Of course, i dunno what to see, cept the library, chancellor's hall, the academic complex and chicks. Sadly, the library was closed, the hall was out of bounds, the complex was empty and there were no chicks around. So we went back to the convo fair grounds where the activity is.

Upon arriving there, we met up with macai, arip, mapir and black. We joined them and whiled away our time there.

then i woke up and discovered that i was dreaming. well, no. There's more to tell, but i'm feeling like playing some games now.

stay tuned. in the next entry, there'll be that part where i lost my handphone, go to parit in hopes to recover it, before finally accepted the fact that recovering the phone was wishfull thinking.


naiza said...

wuhu.. teringin pulak ayam goreng A&W... ngan root beer.. uhuhuhu..

hmm hilang tepon.. tapi dapat beli yang baru.. best pe.. :D

Dils said...

eh u lost ur fon?
Didnt I sms u earlier after convo?

Any plans to go back for convo next yr? hhuhu

Yours Truly said...

hmm..nowadays telco got sim card rescue thingy..y dont u report ur loss to customer service..it might help..but if u want to buy new number oso can..and dont forget to lemme know la nnt..hehe =P

nway thanks for coming guys..quite long time tak jmp..rindu gak aa.. =P

Anonymous said...

Wow such twist & turn! So much happened during that weekend, huh? Tp secara indirect nye, u managed to make Heron sounds bored ngan UTP's environment. Kesian. Hahaha

ps: amoi tuh manyak cakap lorrr.. pening kepala jugak melayan dia huhuh