Monday, August 29, 2005

you know what?

Today was a chapter in the 'be carefull of what you wish for' book.

This morning, I was lamenting about how it is monday and about how i was feeling depressed. So when I was on the way to work, my car's engine temperature hit maximum and i can't go to work. Which was both a blessing and an un-blessing. But i think i prefer to see it as a blessing. Maybe it's my optimistic self is doing the typing now.

So my car hit maximum temperature, and I can't risk to get to work with my car in that condition. The scenario gets worse since there was a traffic jam on the way to work. My morning commute rarely jams, but when it does, the traffic backlog could strech for miles. If not for the jam, I think i could reach my office before the car hits maximum.

Taking precautions againts further damage to the engine, I decided to stop and wait it out. That's when i discoved that the radiator is totally empty. So I filled some more water in it, and as soon as the water hits the radiator, It boils.

After some time, I managed to fill the radiator and discovered that there's some coolant leakage. I think some parts of the cooling contraption thinggy ruptured when the temperature reach maximum.

So I phoned my boss and told him that I can't make it to work. Yippie.

Then I send my car to the family mechanic in kampung baru. And, since i am in the middle of KL on a week day, I took this rare oppurtunity to get my MyKad. Hopefully, I'll get the MyVi for the MyKad lucky draw. Then I won't have to worry about my car's radiator fan not functioning.

Oh, and i went to Low Yat to fetch my new hardisk. Now its, giving me more problems. Seems that it can't connect properly to my pc. Sucks.

And also, I took a ride on the monorail. My first time. It was thought provoking.


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