Thursday, October 06, 2005

missed a turn

Yesterday and this morning, i had to go to Sony bangi to do a software installation. I am not familiar with the software, it is an inhouse developed software. Hence everything is non-standard.
That is not the only thing i'm not familiar with. I've never drive alone to Sony bangi. The only time i've been there was with a collegue.
Those are a good recipie for disaster. And a disaster, it was. I got lost when on the way to bangi, missed turns here and there and took the wrong highway. In the end, i arrived one hour late for the first day. This morning was an improvement, but only by 30 minutes. I got lost again.

There something about uncertainties that makes me jittery. And the jitters tend to turn everything to disaster.
did i tell you all that my hands and face was sunburnt? The skin on my hands are peeling, and the shade aren't even. It looks pretty ugly. So while i was on my way back to the office from sony, I looked at my hands and realized that I was never good at learning and heeding advice. (You see, my colleague told me to wear sunblock before the fishing trip.) Well, maybe I could learn, but I learn through mistakes. Like being lost on my way to bangi and getting sunburnt.

That makes me wonder, am I worth it? Do having me in your company, with me always making mistakes, will benifit you in the long run? or i will be the person that'll waste resource and cause unnecessary losses?

I will never know. But what I know is, this weekend, I'm going to get myself a thick copy of Klang Valley map. And the next time I'm going fishing, I'll wear sunblock.


Anonymous said...

learn from mistakes is good, rather than not learning at all.

naiza said...

make sure you know how to read maps.. okay sayang? :P

Yours Truly said...

and make sure u apply sun block before going out ok? =P