Monday, October 17, 2005

capitalist code, socialist monkeys

did you know that it was Bill Gates that introduces the idea of commercial software?
before personal computers, software are freely shared among users. Most softwares comes free with the hardware. Well, at that time, most hardwares are pretty expensive and are only affordable by big companies. So after forking huge sum of money for hardwares, the vendors are not going to tell the buyers that they'd have to fork some more cash to get the softwares that'll run the big machines rite?
So then in came personal computers. And the buying power is shifted from big companies to the consumers. So then Bill Gates dude convinced the community of developers (most are either working with big ass companies on their big ass machine or are administrating university mainframes and such) that there will be a demand for softwares.
Some of these developers agreed with Bill Gates, and joined the borgish mind cluster we call Micrsoft. The others, they continued to develop codes and share it with the rest of the community, living on the edges of the technological frontier, like scums of the earth. Barely alive, yet not really dead.
Fast forward to the present day. The tables have turned. The conflicts in the frontier have made these frontier code rogues stronger than the assimilated borg beings (living in the center of the technological world, protected and pampered). Now we are seeing cells of these techno rebels are causing mush distress in the borg world.
And the borg beings are realizing that, in the years to come, there might not be anybody else to assimilate. Users are getting savvy enough to write their own codes. The software market as we know it will disintegrate as more and more people are turning to live in the frontier, where adventure abounds.
What the fuck am i talking about here?


Taqiyuddin said...

p/s: the entry are not based on any hard facts.. they are just a figment of the writer's imagination

Anonymous said...

u are talking about how Bill Gates has become rich, and u are feeling jealous about it

Taqiyuddin said...

well not really. kinda. i dunno. i don't think i really have a point.