Saturday, October 15, 2005


i had a dream just now, it was kinda pleasant. well actually, it was more like scenes in a dream. i think it was from my childhood.
one scene was me looking at a mural drawn on a pedestrian walkway bridge thinggy. The other was me using a rustic kampung toilet.
The mural drawn on the pedestrian walk was of the kuala lumpur train station. Or maybe part of the building. The parapets and domes. It was drawn in a dark manner so as to make it look like the building at night. And looking at that mural. I recalled the times when I sat at the back of my family car, when we were travelling to the train station. To send off our nanny. It was always at night and I remeber kl back then in a gothic kind of way. Kinda like gotham city. With bats and swallows flying in and out of the street lamps lights.
In the toilet scene, i was trying to use a kampung toilet. The toilet's inner wall are covered in mold and cracks and the bowl are overflowing. I felt icky and i remember that when i was little, i often felt icky when using kampung toilets.
ahh.. nostalgia.
Maybe the dream was due to the anticipation of Aidilfitri. My parents send my nanny home prior to hari raya. And the toilets, is something i had to endure when in the kampung.
Selamat Hari Raya people. Its kinda early to wish it though.

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naiza said...

Selamat Hari Raya juge..

hmm i used to hate kampung toilets too.. its not that icky.. but looking at the hole is scary.. its dark.. dok takut kalo ada yang menjalar kluar from that lubang and 'ngap'!! eeuuuuwww...

now not anymore.. rumah tuk dah ada toilet moden yang boleh flush.. dulu kena simbah sendrik.. huhu..