Wednesday, October 26, 2005

tung tung chiang, tung tung chiang

The thing about working in a chinese company is that, we don't spin raya songs. But is it a sad thing? or a good thing?
Back in my old company, heron the accountant cum dj would've spin the songs. Or maybe that-dude-which-i-can't-recall-his-name. The one that's very good with artsy stuff. Damn. Being forgetfull sucks. I can remember his face, but damn i can't put a name to that face. Something. It's not even a year since i last worked with him.


Anonymous said...

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heron said...

who is this heron-dude guy? hee~

Anonymous said...

his name is piiown la dude.

Yours Truly said... come u can forget ur ex-housemate's name?