Monday, July 04, 2005


I watched the movie casablanca today. The movie reminds me of the english patient. Both movies are set at around world war two, in arabian soil. Both tells the story of forbidden love. Both have the leading male as an outsider living in arabia as a permanent resident. Both have the leading female fall hopelessly in love with the protagonist. Both have a scene where the leading lady are involved with some bazaar haggling and the guy tells her that she's being swindled by the shop keeper.

Maybe the english patient was a remake of casablanca. But that couldn't be, since both have a very different plot line.

I prefer the english patient though.

But the moral of both of the story is that, if you are living in arab countries (dubai for example), you are irresistable to tourist chicks from your own native country. Provided if you could help her haggle for stuff. Preferably some real expensive stuff, like a prada hand bag or manolo blahnik shoes. And you're even more irresistable if she already have a husband/boyfriend (boring ones).

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