Tuesday, July 05, 2005

sucks as hell

Neways, lately I don't have much pressing tasks to do. Felt left out.

When I have stuff that need to deliver immediately, I whine about how it is hard to do.

Well, it is impossible to please me.


Dils said...

You whine about theres no job?????
Orrrr... are you afraid that the jobs now given to you is... jeng jeng jeng a.k.a ofis boy work related ka?

Anonymous said...

back in SSi, u were the Dewa there taqi. U were the expert one. Everybody will ask u regarding any ques' on the program.

Maybe in this new place, u are Dewa no more. But I believe u can be one once again. Lord Afigment, Rise!

Taqiyuddin said...

Well i fear that i might be "the compulsory malay dude" in the company. I think it is stated in malaysian corporate law that a public listed company's workforce must be at least 30% bumiputras.

Is it public listed company or a corporation. Not that sure.

Remember cerita a walk to remember tak asrol? there's that black guy in the movie yg does not actually have any important role in the story. but the director put him there to not make the movie too white. that compulsory black guy. There a lot of them in hollywood movies. There's one in casablanca. There's one in smallville. There's one in angel.

I bet steven spielberg would've put one in saving private ryan if not the story was set in WWII.

But there's definitely one in my company. But he's malay instead of black.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps maybe.

In fact, if it is so, they even choose a chinese look malay to accomplish that!

Taqiyuddin said...

in fact kan asrol kan, the other programmer chick yg kat my department tuh kan asrol kan, muka chinese gak la. Up to a point yg a dude in RHB bank buleh comment saying that me and her are sibs..