Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I was chatting with dude tamin just now. He told me about how he stumbled upon our old collegue from our old company while he was going to get his lunch. This old collegue of ours is the guy I so loath when I was with the old company.

A little bit of back story. This guy I loath, he resigned from the old company after me and a couple of my collegue kicked some of his dirt up. Maybe he resigned because the old company was on the verge of bankruptcy, but I alway attribute his expediate departure with our little conflict there.

Some more elaboration. After a couple of months job hunting, the guy managed to land himself a job with Schlumberger. A big fat multinational company, dealing in oil and gas industry. It is known that his salary falls around the vicinity of 5k. About twice what he's getting in the old company.

I felt rather disappointed in knowing that. Since, the main thing I don't like about him is that he is incompetent in doing his job as a project leader and manager. I even question my own fate. I see myself as somebody that contributes and him as a person that gets a free ride. Yet, the person that gets the free ride, gets the free ride. Of course. But you know what I mean.

Back to the chat with dude tamin. So dude tamin told me some more that the guy told him that he is disappointed with my other coleagues. The ones that he thought was his confidants and cigarette buddies.

Hearing that, I felt a welling hatred for that motherfucker. Yes... motherfucker. I am not sure why I felt angry. Must be because of the fact he is convinced that he is in the right. That he sees the people that accuses him of slacking, as evil spawn of satan. Maybe because, even when meeting dude tamin by chance, he managed to slip in some poison into dude tamin's thoughts. You know? It is the way he accuses those coleague of his of betraying him, in a not so direct manner.

But that is not the point here. I am not going to waste this entry with curses. Nope. This blog is about lies. So, read on.

After chatitng with dude tamin. I went down, and have my dinner with my parents. It was an ordinary dinner. The meal was mostly composed of left overs. I am not too big on left overs, but I am but a guest in my mother's home.

So my mom talked. She told us about her experience when she was teaching at school. This one particular experience. She once have a student, a standard six student whose father was retrenched from his company. Her father, without work, told my mother that his daughter won't be able to attend extra classes held for standard six student facing UPSR that year. The reason being, of course, that he's out of work and can't afford to pay the 10 ringgit per month tuition fees.

My mom, being the compassionate person she is, decides to sponsor his daugther for those classes. And so, she forked out 10 ringgit each month for someone else's daughter, while her youngest son could not enjoy the occasional kam kam, ding dang and sumi. sumi jelly manis. Oh how i yearn for it in those days.

Later on, she told us that, when processing the school's SPBT (skim pinjaman buku teks or text book scheme), she found out that the girl's mother's monthly salary was about 5k.

A little bit on SPBT. SPBT is a book loan scheme targeted to school children from poor to low income families. Parents have to report their total household earning to the school's SPBT board for review. Parents owning more than the target families will not qualify for the book loan.

Back to the SPBT story. The girl's mother alone earns more than enough to support a family, and thus the familiy is not eligible for the book loan.

A while after that, the girl came up to my mother, and told my mother that she needs sports wear. I think her father sends her in hopes that my mother will be kind enough to sponsor her again. This time, knowing that the family was well off, she said something like this (and I can't really recall her exact words) ' to educate a child, parents have to contribute too '. And she never heard anything from them since.

The truth is, after hearing my mother's story, I am reminded of God's test. How everyone of us is being tested. We are given wealth as a test of our humility, gatefullness and a slew of other virtues. We are striken with poverty to test our strength and willfullness.

So here's the lies. That guy I so loath, could fail miserably in his test. bwahahaaha

ok, so its not a happy ending.

Maybe this is a test to see your tolerence to crappy conclusions. So how did you fare? Good? Not so good?


Anonymous said...

Frankly speaking dude, i felt a bit regret for what i've done to that fella. I didnt expect him to resign.The fact is i dont mind he got 5k per month. but he suffered for the first 2 months after he resign that make me regret it. he got a fight with his family, he needed to move out from his house, and for God sake he just got a little baby.
But somehow I do think, actually he was the one who resign. I didnt ask him to resign. I just asked him to work together with us. But somehow he didnt get our point. Or maybe our way of expressing it is way wrong.
but the most fucking thing that i hate about him is, he is such a womanizer. and for God sake he is married! to a beautiful and lovely wife! and at that time he was going to be a father!

Taqiyuddin said...

you've got a point there dude.

maybe the harrowing 2 months without steady income redeems him.

but wait... we didn't get our salary for that two months too dude. now the old company has collapsed and we are still waiting for that two months pay.

so what did we did again dude? our actions makes him resign his post and thus saves two months worth of commuting costs?

Anonymous said...

we kicked him so that he can get another job with 5k salary.

we kicked him so that he doesnt need to curse at doklan anymore.

hey wait. we actually did a good thing!

Taqiyuddin said...

tuh la tuh, tak cakap thank you pun!