Monday, July 04, 2005


Just now, I ate one of those premium choc0lates with alcohol. My head hurts. I dunno if it is the alcohol or the weather. Now, I'm feeling a pang of guilt. It makes me somewhat religious.

A little bit of self redeeming: it was an accident. The big CEO dude just got back from overseas and bring along lots of chocs. High end stuff. I didn't think twice when eating it. In fact, my chinese colleague said that it might contain alcohol. Since he could smell the stink. I thought its just the prunes. It is some sort of a choc with prune jelly inside. Seems that the prune jelly was in fact rum or something.

Anyway. It did make me a lil' bit more religious today.

Talking about religion. I watched a movie the other day. Its not really a movie, it more of a documentary with a short background story used to emphasis the message being discussed. The documentary shows a lady tryin to cope with depression and is on the verge of nervous breakdown. Interspersed in the movie/documentary are monolouges by scientist, philosphers and urm.. spiritualist talking about anything related to what the character in the drama is facing. At first it seems to be about science and quantum physics. The universe in a scientific point of view. But, nearing the end, it gets more and more philosophical and religious. At the very last moment, the scientist, philosophers and spiritualist says that... i quote "religion in traditional sense are misleading, God is is all around us and within us, there is no right or wrong".

That makes me wonder. How did they know that? And they sounded like the very people they condemn.

But there are interesting stuff in the documentary though. go here. And there this other one, the scientist talked about one matter existing in two place simultaneously. I can't find anything about that though.

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