Saturday, July 30, 2005

lossless armageddon

Hi all. It's a nice saturday morning here. The sun is shining. My mom is cooking breakfast in the kitchen. My dad is reading the papers in the living room. Our maid sofia is doing the laundry. My neices is doing stuff neices do. I am writing a blog.

So i said earlier before that i'll tell you all about why i'm feeling down and out on my birthday. Here goes.

Earlier on, my boss gave me three tasks to be done. First was to update and debug a web application. Second was to learn and monkey with a new software tools and last was to upgrade a software which is due not until two or three weeks.

On my birthday, I presented the software tool to my collegues. It went horibbly since I didn't have the chance to fully test out the software. Well, not that I don't have the chance actually. I was preoccupied with my other tasks, so I put this one on secondary priority. I presented the best i can and everything went from ok to horrible when people started to ask questions. Yikes.

Then, after fending off questions with 'uh-huh' and 'gee, i wouldn't know', my boss and one other collegue went to a client site to do software installation. The installation went fine. It was the testing after the installation that's sucked. I guess it was wrong of me to assume that the software was in good condition. Thank God i managed to stall the testing by doing some ad-hoc user requirement elicitation. We talked and talked about the system, how it shoud be and then its already lunch hour. Saved by the bell.

We went back to the office. I was feeling quite totally down now. Then my collegue threw me a surprise party! yeay! Normal people would've been ecstatic. It would've cheer them up. Too bad i'm a pure pessimist. The surprise party feels sarcastic. You know what I mean?

Of course not. You all are optimistic, happy-go-lucky friendly types.

Well, it feels sarcastic because not all of my office mates seems eager to celebrate. Most of them just sit in their places and feign a smile.

Feels so fake. Made up. In fact, it IS fake and made up.

Maybe I should have a round of diablo now.

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Anonymous said...

diablo always release ur tension heh?