Tuesday, May 03, 2005

and so I face the final curtain

I tendered my resignation on 25th, or was it 24th of April. It was a typical monday. At least the earlier part of it. I went to work somewhat excited that day. Wrote the letter using one of those online letter template. I finished printing it out at around 10. I felt quite nervous about handing the letter to The Man. Not that I'm afraid of him or anything. It is just the nervousness you have when you're doing something for the first time.

I have to hand it in that day, cause my new job starts one month from that day. And, I have to hand it that morning cause The Man don't usually stick around in the office lately. So there I was, sitting in my cubicle waiting for the right moment to hand in my one month's notice. Feeling quite nervous and all. Another thing, I prefered to hand that letter quietly. I felt like leaving the company as quietly as possible.

Then, heron (our accountant dude) walked past me with an alarmed look on his face. He mention to me that there's technology park technician at our lobby, waiting to cut our electricity off. It seems that the company have failed to pay its electricity bills. Well, it didn't surprise me. A few weeks back there's talk of the possibility the office being locked down by the land lord.

So, heron dude, went about telling us to save up our work and get ready for a power failure. After a 5 minutes grace, the technicians cut the power off. Everything went dark. Bleak, is the future of the company. How fitting. Then The Man came out of his room and said that the power cut will hopefull last for a couple of days, untill the management could sort it out. We think 'yeah right, every time he promises anything to be available in 2-3 days. He meant it 2-3 months'. But, The Man did allow us to pack the office computers for home. We get to do our work at home. Or not.

It was an oppertunity for me to hand in the letter. It seems so fitting. As if everything that happen in the world before this is a preparation for this very moment. As if it was The Momement where i am supposed to hand in my letter. So, I went into his office after his short speech, and handed the letter to him. He was ok with it. Maybe he was numb. With the blackout and all. My letter would've been just a passing nuisance when compared to his office going blackout. But he did asked me if i will be interested to join the company back, if ever the company is able to get back on its feet. At first i declined the offer. But, when he stressed that the company WILL be STRONG, I said that I will think about it because I do not want to throw away an option. Hey, who knows what our future have for us.

The fact that The Man was quite confident with his company (even in this situation), confirms my assumption about him and the fate of the company. Long ago, I believed that the company will go down in flames. That there is a definite end to the company. I used to say to my coleague that I will wait until the very ending before I move on to another company. But, lately, I realized that as long as The Man is living and breathing, the company will be alive. Maybe not kicking. Barely alive, but breathing still.

So I is up to us to chose wether to follow The Man where ever he goes, working on a shakey ground with undefinite future. Or, to draw a line on where it all ends. I drew that line when I got an offer from another company. But I guess Its more dramatic If i say that I drew it when the office went blackout.

Back to the blacked out office. People would have thought that an office in darkness will be moody and sad, but interestingly everybody was a bit jovial the rest of the day. Maybe because it was something new to us. Or maybe because, we get to go home early and not come to work the next day. Or perhaps it was the whole chaos of it all. But for me, I felt happy because I am closing this chapter of my life and going onto the next. These period of change always makes me feel giddy. Moreover, I felt removed from the company after handing the letter.

I was not a part of it anymore. I am merely an observer.

ok, enuff with the whole drama. The real point i'm trying to say is:
Since my office is without electricity, I can't post entries regularly. But, I'm working to put up broadband to my gombak home. So, laters aights. I'm gonna head to the nearest 'kedai telekom'. tata


Anonymous said...

Now I know why u need to go to Kedai Telekom


Fadhil Luqman said...

Kewl stuff! So I guess you won't be treating your new work place as a second home eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

Kewl stuff! So I guess you won't be treating your new work place as a second home eh? ;)

Eh bukan ke his work place was his FIRST home, rumah sewa 2nd, and rumah Gombak 3rd?
Tp rasanya nnt dia buat juga perangai lama tu, selagi rumah sewa dia boring, selagi tuh la Taqi selalu lepak kat opis lelama, kot?
Jgn marah... hehe


Taqiyuddin said...

dian and your lovey is two different person ka?

Dils said...

eh eh.. where you work eh?
So many ppls starting new work somewhere someplace. Aint that grand? We are the same~~

Gud luck!