Monday, May 16, 2005

two nice telekom guys

I've been losing my streamyx connection since the day i started using the service. Fortunately, i've managed to identify two kind of connection loss. One type, happens whenever i set my modem to router mode and starts downloading stuff on azureus. The other happens when i use the phone (i'm sharing the ADSL line with my phone using the splitter that came with the modem). My connection will go out a few seconds after the hand piece is picked up.

The latter problem, was fixed by two nice telekom guys. They look like crooks, with one having a burly build and a shaven head (he looks like a skin head), the other looks like elvis costello with extra bushy beard. But, nonetheless, they're quite a savvy troubleshooter. Upon a first glance at how i set up the router-phone-surge protector wiring, he summarise that the problems lies in the surge protector. It seems that ADSL signal can't go through the surge protector without suffering some sort of a mojo distortion thinggy (I dunno, i'm no telco savvy dude). So the telekom guys rearranged my wiring and lo and behold, trouble is no more. It was a simple solution, but i wouldn't know the surge protector was the fault, if i didn't call them tech support guys. I would have bought another splitter, only to suffer the same problems again. And probably blame the splitter again. vicious cycle.

When the two dudes were leaving, i asked them about how we could protect our routers from power surge. And the elvis costello dude says 'we don't do that, we will replace the modem if it is shocked'. hmmm... but the marketing dudes said that in the event of damage, the client is liable for any hardware replacement. a contradiction.

Anyways, about the connection loss. The other connection problem that i said earlier was that when i set the modem to act as my router, the connection will be interrupted when i run azureus. This boggles me since during my stay in the office, i never had any connection problem when using azureus. For this one, I did a lot of surfing and researching about the problem, and finally found out that the connection got interrupted when there are too many ppl trying to connect to my pc when they're leeching the files seeded by my azureus client.

I think my router did not have enough muscle to manage the traffic volume unlike our office's big ass router. So it bellies up and reboots whenever the traffic got too big. This explains why the connection disrupts after 5-10 minutes running azureus (and whenever i run any other p2p file share). Azureus' default interval for seed polling is 5 minutes. Hence, after 5 minutes connected, the whole world's bittorrent clients might realize that my client got what they're looking for (if the whole world did not change the default polling interval that is).

So the solution is to limit the number of connection that the client could receive at any given time. But of course, thats just my hypothesis. The solution works like a charm though. But i still do not get a 80kBps download speed. :(

p/s: forgot to mention that if i set my router to modem mode, i wouldn't get disconnected when running azureus. I think it was because the traffice was not interpreted by the modem (unlike if it was set as a router), it was passed directly to my pc. So it was able to handle a bigger number of connection. I think.

pp/s: yeah, *yawn*


Anonymous said...

Make sure they are just 2 nice telecom guys, not 'cableman' sent to spy on you, or bug you for a lifetime.
Ref: Jim Carrey in 'Cable Man'


Dils said...

streamyx major sux.. theres no other affordable broadband trying to out kaa?? plz plz



Dils said...

out of the blue.. this streamyx guys came to my haus.. trying to get it up.. erm.. I meant trying to get the streamyx up.
But were unsuccessful. No signal.
Here I am. With a ZTE modem and nothing to do.