Friday, May 06, 2005

i'm living with my mom

Today, I went back to my rented house in puchong to get the stuff that I kept there. There is that pile of freash clothes, the pile of used ones, my guitar (got two of em', same brand, long story), a tall pile of books (heavy hard covered ones, the kind that lecturers love to use as the main texts), my slim mattress, two pillows, a blanket, some miscellaneous loose stuffs, pile of coins and a monitor. Lots of stuff there.

My stuff have been accumulating over the years, more so since i'm working now and got my own funds to splurch on stuff. It makes me wonder; at this rate, how could I manage it all? I still need to move my computer desk, clothes hanger thinggy and carpet from my room in puchong.

How could it become like this? where did all these stuff came from? Do ppl sneak in some of their stuff into my room on purpose, because they too don't know what to do with their stuff? There's this water treatment system box here, I'm I sure didn't buy any water treatment system. At least it makes a good makeshift nightstand.

oh and btw, i got my streamyx up. Boy, was it a chore.


Fadhil Luqman said...

I always keep stuff that I 'might find useful sometime in the future'. Thing is, after a couple of weeks, I don't even remember about them. And then, 4 months later when I'm cleaning up and I find those things in that box in the corner of the room, I just say 'hey, I could use that someday.'... and the vicious cycle begins!

And hurrah! You've got your internets!

Taqiyuddin said...

yeah, and i love it when i'm cleaning up the room and found kewl stuff that i forgot about. kinda like those plant seeds that you found in you room. too bad they've expired.

Dils said...

that is call clutter. Theres an article about clutter.. on how hard it is to throw away clutter. unless you are with a friend.

But one thing I cant bear to throw out is old letters. No matter who it is from. Its nice eh to see all those forgotten things again sometimes.