Saturday, May 14, 2005

been doing nothing but configuring stuff

These two three days is quite educational. I've been configuring one of my pc to run slackware and also looking into my streamyx-router-bittorrent settings. I've learnt alot since getting my streamyx connection. yeay.

Here's some site worth looking at if you're a new streamyx subscriber (not necessarily in this order):
constant bitchin: ZTE ZXDSL 831 modem default password
thep2pweblog: How to configure your router to allow fast BitTorrent downloads What is Port Forwarding?

and some non-technical tips:
if you subscribe to a 1M connection, you might initially get a 512k line. I dunno if its's scam or its their mismanagement, but this issue could be easily resolved by calling the tech support's 1-300-88-9515 line. Tell them about your slow speed. Oh and to check your speed, you could either check the modem/router's main firmware page (see above sites for info on how to do this) or use's own speedometer.

Enough tech stuffs.

Yesterday was my last day with my current company. Well, at least i'd like to think that it is. A couple of my colleague and I went to a client's place to conduct a user training session. The session was supposed to run well afternoon, but since the software we are using is quite simple, the session could be finished just before noon. Thank God.

Its time to move on.

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