Monday, April 25, 2005


A couple of weeks back, I went to a job interview in Jalan Tun Razak. Its with a small start-up company fully owned by Sepakat. The interview was done by the COO of Sepakat. The interview went well, I was satisfied with the answers I gave and the interviewer seems quite ok with it.

The job offered was a position as software engineer with a renewable one year contract. Now, I would prefer a permanent instead of contract position, because the whole point of me seeking a new job is to be in a company much more secure than my current one. But, since i am currently seeking jobs in full gear, i wouldn't mind a contract stint.

A friend of mine always says that security is an illusion. All this while, I saw that phrase in terms of electronic security. This was probably due to the fact that my friend there is a hacker and whenever he quote that word, I see it in his point of view.

After the interview, I had a new view on security. Like my friend said, it is an illusion. It seems quite true. Take my current job for example. I'm working in a permanent position, yet in less than a year, i am already seeking position. The company is just not stable enough. I might as well have taken a contract position. Hence, contract position don't seem that insecure as before. That feeling of security when you are in a permanent position is indeed an illusion. If ever you did not perform in while in your permanent position, you'll feel some sort of repercussion, pretty much like if you are in a contract position. It is more or less the same.

This illusion extends to everything we do. Be it walking in the park, sitting by the roadside, patting a dog, anything. You feel that you are safe, yet the park might have sink holes, cars might swerve and hit you and the dog might go feral and bite you on the arse.

We can't really do anything about it. But that doesn't mean that you should leave your door unlocked at night or don't give a damn about how secure your job position is. It just means that the best thing you could do is to reduce the risk of things you do, and you have to also know that everything is not permanent. If you happen to lose anything, bear in mind that it was not fully yours in the first place.

At the end of the day, you will have to realize that everything lies in the hand of Allah s.w.t. Pray to Allah s.w.t. For it is with Him that you will find the ultimate security.

I lie to myself, but today, i speak the truth.


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Anonymous said...

If you happen to lose anything, bear in mind that it was not fully yours in the first place

That phrase is so true it's almost likeable


Eric said...

my contract was yearly renewable at first.. but now.. since what happen in the management side.. not anymore... the truth is.. the ultimate security is with Allah s.w.t.

Anonymous said...

nowadays most company opt for contract staff, after you and THEY "test the water" so to speak, then they will probably offered you another renewable contract or permanenet.

Just see it as a short term thing in aiming for the long shot.. thats whut I am doing now. (I hope) Bah~

All the best of luck

- will work for good experience -

Damn.. working in BCF had made me into a dull and serious girl.